The nomination criteria of Independent External Monitors get modified by CVC

The nomination criteria of Independent External Monitors get modified by CVC

The nomination criteria of Independent External Monitors get modified by CVC- Today Current Affairs

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Why in news?

  • In government bodies the criteria for the nomination of Independent External Monitor( IEM) gets modified by the Central Vigilance Commission.
  • The modification was adopted months after CVC issued revised standard operating procedure for adoption and implementation of the integrity pact clause aimed to prevent corruption in the public procurement.

What is an Independent External Monitor (IEM) ?

  • The responsibility of the IEM is to check the documents and determine whether the parties have complied with their respective obligations under the pact.
  • After reviewing and examining the contract related complaints they submit their recommendations to the concerned authority.
  • IEM has the option to either submit their report to the chief executive of the concerned organization or in case if they find any serious irregularities under the provisions of the Prevention of Corruption Act 1988 then they can directly report to the Chief Vigilance Officer and CVC.

What is Integrity Pact?

  • It is an agreement to not Resort to any corrupt practices in any aspect or stage of contract between the prospective vendors/ bidders and the buyers.
  • The bidder gets disqualified and is excluded from any future business dealings in case there is violation of the clause of the pact.
  • Integrity pact ensures the competitiveness , equity and transparency in the public procurement.

About CVC : The Hindu Analysis

  • The Central Vigilance Commission was established in the year 1964 on the recommendation of the Santhanam committee on prevention of corruption as the main agency for preventing corruption in the central government.
  • CVC in 2004 was authorized as the Designated Authority by the government of India to receive written complaints for the disclosure of any allegations of corruption,  misuse of office and can also recommend appropriate action.

Composition & Terms: The Hindu Analysis

  • It consists of one Chief Central Vigilance Commissioner and not more than 2 Vigilance Commissioners.
  • The appointment of the members of CVC is done by the President by warrant under his hand and seal.
  • The tenure is of 4 years or until the age of 65 years whichever is earlier.
  • They are not eligible for employment under the central or the state government after the completion of the tenure.

Powers and Functions: The Hindu Analysis

  • It enquiry into the cases where the reference is made by the central government on a public servant who has committed offense under the prevention of corruption act 1988.
  • CVC has the responsibility to exercise superintendence over the functioning of the Delhi Special Police Establishment( DSPE).
  • It is also entitled to give direction to the DSPE for the purpose of discharging its responsibility under DSPE Act 1946.
  • Rules and regulations concerning the Vigilance and disciplinary matters of the members of all India services and Central services are formed in consultation with the CVC by the Central government.
  • It is not an investigation Agency the investigation is either done through chief Vigilance Officer in the government officers or through CBI.

Limitations of CVC: The Hindu Analysis

  • CVC has often been cited as the powerless body where it does not have the authority to register the criminal cases against the government officials.
  • At the same time it has neither the resources nor the power to take action on complaints of corruption.


  • India’s economy has emerged as one of the fastest growing and flourishing economies in the recent past. It has seen rapid growth in the investment and infrastructure within the country. The growing economy poses a great challenge for CVC to fight  corruption.

The concerns in the CVC shall be addressed so that it is armed in a better way to tackle the corruption in the country.


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