UPSC 2022 Results Out: UPSC Topper Smriti Mishra Rank 4

UPSC 2022 Topper Smriti Mishra

UPSC 2022 Results Out: UPSC Topper Smriti Mishra Rank 4

Prayagraj girl, Smriti Mishra makes history as UPSC 2022 Results comes out on 23rd of May 2023. Top 4 rankers being all women, Ishita Kishore AIR1, Garima Lohia AIR2, Uma Harathi N AIR3 and Smriti Mishra AIR4 has been the talk of the town. As people pour in with warm wishes, we also want to extend our warm congratulations to UPSC 2022 topper Smriti Mishra. She chose Zoology for her optional subject. If you also dream to one day work for the society by cracking the UPSC exam, choosing the best IAS coaching in Delhi is very important. Plutus IAS is that coaching institute that has over 20+ years of experience. 

Let us dive into her journey and know how she cracked the code to success in her third attempt. 

Category Details
Name Smriti Mishra
Age 25
Result Date 23rd May 2023
Rank 4
Attempt 3
Optional Subject Zoology
Preparation Method Coaching Institute, made notes and followed news 
Study Time 7 – 8 hours
Family Father, mother and brother
Hometown Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh
School Done in Agra
College Miranda House, Delhi University
College Stream Zoology, Law (ongoing)
Preferred Post IAS


Smriti Mishra: UPSC IAS topper AIR 4

Smriti Mishra, born in 1998, 25 years old, hails from Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh. Most of her childhood was spent in Agra, it was after she completed her schooling she came to Delhi for her graduation. According to media reports, Smriti had decided to become an IAS when she was in 10th standard and started preparing towards her dreams drawing the covid time.

Even after failing the UPSC CSE exam twice, she did not lose hope. She said,” I didn’t actually expected rank 4, however, I knew i’ll make it but this rank actually surprised me in a good way.”

Family Background of Smriti Mishra

Smriti, the daughter of Rajkumar Mishra, currently holds the position of Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), CO-Second, in Bareilly. Her mother, Anita, is a homemaker, while her older brother, Lokesh Mishra, works as an advocate in the Supreme Court of India. 

Smriti received the exciting news of ranking fourth in the UPSC CSE Examination while traveling on the metro. She joyfully shared this achievement with her parents, who have been her strongest pillars of support, and they were delighted to hear the news.

Smriti Mishra’s IAS Rank 4 Educational Journey 

Smriti had always been a very bright student. She did most of her schooling in Agra and came to Delhi for her graduation. She studied BSc from Miranda House, Delhi University, college known for its excellent teaching. Smriti’s law studies are still ongoing,

She believes every student must complete their graduation before starting their preparation for UPSC. Smriti chose Zoology as her optional subject for her Mains paper because she knew it was her strong suit. She says,” I was confident enough that I will do well and I even began studying Zoology earlier than GS.”

UPSC Strategy of Smriti Mishra

As every UPSC topper’s success story is unique in its own way, so is Smriti Mishra’s. For her UPSC Civil Services Examination, she took admission in a coaching institute which she said helped her extensively in her preparations. Alongside that, she even followed fundamental textbooks, followed the news regularly and made her own notes. She said,” I make sure to make lots of notes as it helps during revision. It’s just not reading but also jotting them down enhances your retention power.”

When asked about the number of hours she used to put in her preparation, she said,” I dedicated 7 – 8 hours of each day to prepare for the UPSC exam.” She even said that she had given up on social media in order to focus on studies. 

UPSC topper Smriti Mishra

Prelims Preparation: For prelims examination Smriti Mishra followed NCERT books and newspaper for current affairs preparation. Plutus IAS provides excellent study materials for prelims preparation. From daily current affairs to weekly, monthly and even yearly current affairs Plutus IAS provides.

Mains Preparation: For mains examination, Smriti Mishra focused on having a clear concept on topics. She even followed YouTube videos for concept clearance. The most important to any exam is revision, solving pervious year question papers and test series helps a lot. Smriti Mishra solved Test series which helped her with analyzing her preparation. Plutus IAS provides top class Test Series.

If you are someone who aspires to crack the UPSC CSE Exam with top scores like UPSC 2022 topper Smriti Mishra, enroll yourself to Plutus IAS. With years of experience we have helped many students crack the UPSC CSE Exam.

Smriti Mishra, UPSC Topper Aim As An IAS

Smriti holds numerous aspirations aimed at empowering women and contributing to the betterment of society as a whole. While only time will reveal whether she can accomplish her next significant goal, it appears that many top achievers share the same dream, indicating a potential positive change in society’s future.

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