UPSC IFS: First Choice of Mayur Hazarika UPSC CSE 2022 AIR 5


UPSC IFS: First Choice of Mayur Hazarika UPSC CSE 2022 AIR 5

The UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) is a body that conducts exams every year. The civil services exam by UPSC chooses civil servants for different government posts like the IAS, IFS, IRS, and other group A positions. UPSC CSE 2022 topper Mayur Hazarika with AIR 5 has said his first choice to be IFS (Indian Foreign Service). In this blog let us know about IFS, and why Mayur Hazarika UPSC CSE 2022 AIR 5 has chosen IFS as his first choice. 

If you are also dreaming of such high positions in the Indian government, you will have to crack the UPSC CSE examination. Many aspirants either take coaching from the best IAS coaching in Delhi or they opt to self study. Both have their own perks.

What is IFS in UPSC?

IFS, or the Indian Foreign Service, is a prestigious part of the Indian government. It’s different from other government jobs because it deals with other countries and maintains good relationships with them. But it’s not just about that. Recently, India has been playing an important role in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. IFS officers work hard to protect India’s interests and promote peace. They also represent India’s views on the world stage. Being part of the IFS means having an important job that helps shape India’s position in the world and keeps things peaceful between countries.

Mayur Hazarika, UPSC CSE 2022 Topper 

Mayur Hazarika made his name in the history books in the year 2022 after he cracked the UPSC CSE exam with AIR 5! He was a doctor by profession when he started preparing for the Prelims exam. Without leaving his duty and continuing to serve the people even during the covid times. He scored 861 in his written paper out of 1750 and 193 in his personality test out of 275 marks. For his optional subject he chose Anthropology. 

Mayur Hazarika IFS First Choice

Mayur Hazarika said in an interview that his top priority is to become an IFS officer instead of an IAS officer, which is not a common choice.  In his own words, he expressed that his utmost preference lies in joining the Indian Foreign Service (IFS) as it aligns perfectly with his desire to serve the nation. He wants to serve the country through the Indian Foreign Service. Though we can only guess why he prefers IFS, it’s worth mentioning that being an IFS officer has its benefits compared to an IAS officer. These advantages include better pay, staying in the capital city instead of remote areas, and dealing with national and international leaders rather than local politicians.

How You Can Become The Next IFS


The road to IFS is not easy and is full of challenges. The biggest challenge is to crack the UPSC.CSE exam. Every year many aspirants appear for the UPSC exam but only a handful get successful. It’s not that those who don’t make it haven’t prepared well; rather, those who crack the exam have simply prepared more effectively.

For general category if your rank ranges from 90-130 you will be eligible for the Indian Foreign Service role. So, to land that rank, enrolling yourself to the best IAS coaching in Delhi becomes important. If you want to self-study, excellent UPSC pdf notes, solving test series, and study materials from Plutus IAS is all you need.


In conclusion, preparing for the UPSC CSE exam is a challenging yet rewarding journey that can lead to prestigious positions in the Indian government like the IFS. As Mayur Hazarika, the UPSC CSE 2022 topper, rightly said, “My utmost preference lies in joining the Indian Foreign Service as it aligns perfectly with my desire to serve the nation.” To achieve your dreams, consider enrolling in the best IAS coaching in Delhi or utilize study materials from Plutus IAS to excel in the exam and make a difference in shaping India’s position in the world. Enroll now and embark on your journey towards becoming the next IFS officer!

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