Comparison Of UPSC Pendrive Course With Online & Offline Course

UPSC pendrive course

Comparison Of UPSC Pendrive Course With Online & Offline Course

UPSC ( Union Public Service Commission ) is the exam-conducting body of the Indian government. Every year they conduct multiple exams across India, among them UPSC CSE exam is the most popular. The “ CSE “ stands for  Civil Services Exam. The UPSC CSE exam is very prestigious as on passing this exam, the candidates get selected for top positions in the Indian Government. But the road to UPSC CSE success is not easy. Every year many aspirants sit for the exam but only 0.2% of them reach their goal. The UPSC pendrive course by Plutus IAS for CSE exam will help you in your exam preparation.

Points Of Comparison Between Online vs Pendrive vs Offline UPSC Course

Reasons, why UPSC Pendrive course is better than online and offline course, are many. Pendrive sessions offer a workable alternative for students who are unable to attend regular offline coaching owing to distance or poor internet connectivity for online courses. Pendrive classes are also more practical for aspiring UPSC CSE test students with full-time jobs or studies because they allow them to study whenever they want without being constrained by set timings. Students may access course materials whenever and wherever they want with Pendrive course, making it a flexible and accessible solution for their exam preparation needs.

UPSC Pendrive Course VS UPSC Online Course

To know which course is better, Pendrive or online, let us make a list to understand them better.

UPSC pendrive course

Pros of Pendrive Course



The best part about choosing the pendrive classes is that it gives you the freedom to choose when and where to start your UPSC CSE coaching. From traveling in a bus to repeating a class late at night to revise a lesson, you can choose your time to study with the best UPSC coaching institute. You do not have to depend on the internet to avail the classes.

Time Management

With Pendrive classes you can make your own schedule and prepare for your syllabus whenever you deem fit. You can continue with your regular classes or your full time job too without compromising on them and still have the best quality UPSC coaching material.


You can watch a video n number of times. You can watch it again and again till the time your doubt gets cleared. On finishing the entire length of the class course you can again the classes for a good grasp of the concept.


Pendrive courses are 50% – 60% prices less the prices of offline courses. Since the videos are made from the latest classes in the best video quality, this will give you a classroom feel. 

Cons of Online Course


Fixed Schedule

The major demerit of offline classes is that they are fixed. This means that you will have to adhere to class timings. Not every student can afford this as the UPSC classes can clash with their other arrangements.


Internet accessibility is still a major issue in India. Not every corner of the country gets access to good internet. Pendrive classes allow you to follow the class and learn topics without having to rely on an unstable network.

Screen Fatigue

Sometimes sitting in front of a laptop or computer can hurt your eyes. Pendrive classes in this manner is better as it allows you to watch videos in your convenience.


UPSC Pendrive Course vs. UPSC Offline Course

There are many reasons why UPSC pendrive course is better than Offline course. Lets discuss them below:

UPSC pendrive course

Pros of Pendrive Course



This is a major bonus point for having a pendrive class is that it allows you to play, pause, and rewind classes and lectures which becomes impossible when you are reading in a one-on-one interactive class.

Freedom For More Self-Study

Since you are the master of your own time, you can use the time of commute on research on topics. 

Cost Efficient

The pendrive course is much less than the offline course. This will help you not burn a hole in your pocket and at the same time you will have access to the best UPSC study materials and PDF notes.

Cons of Offline Course


Geographical Constraint

Commuting to a place that is far is not always possible. This is where pendrive classes comes in useful. Where offline classes though give real classroom environment, pendrive classes bridge the gap between accessibility and remote.

Fixed Schedules

Offline classes require candidates to adhere to fixed schedules, which may not suit everyone. This can lead to clashes with other engagements and create unnecessary pressure.


If you found this article useful and are finally convinced why UPSC pendrive course is better than offline and online classes, go get yourself the pendrive class. Plutus IAS is the best UPSC coaching institute for many reasons. So without wasting any time, start your UPSC CSE preparation now!

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