Urdu Mains Syllabus

Urdu Mains Syllabus

Urdu Mains Syllabus:

 The paper has to be written in the Persian script.

  • Paper I
  • Paper II
  • Paper I

    Section A: Development of Urdu Language

    1. Development of Urdu Language
    1. Old Indo-Aryan

    Ii. Middle Indo-Aryan

    Iii. New Indo-Aryan

    1. Western Hindi & its dialects Brij Bhasha Khadi Boli, Haryanavni, Kannauji, Bundeli- Theories about the origin of Urdu Language
    2. Dakhani Urdu- origin & development, its significant linguistic features.
    3. Social & Cultural Roots of Urdu Language- and its distinctive features.

    Script, Phonology, Morphology, Vocabulary.

    Section B: Genres and their Development:

    1. Poetry: Ghazal, Masnavi, Qasida, Marsia, Rubai Jadid Nazm.
    2. Prose: Novel, Short Story, Dastan, Drama, Inshaiya, Khutoot, Biography.

    III. Significant features of : (i). Deccani, Delhi & Lucknow Schools, (ii). Sir Syed Movement, Romantic Movement, Progressive Movement, Modernism.

    1. Literary Criticism & its development with reference to Hali, Shibli, Kaleemuddin Ahmad, Ehtisham Hussain, Ale-Ahmad Suroor
    2. Essay Writing (covering literary & imaginative topics).



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