A collage of laws that leaves the worker out in the cold (The Hindu, GS-3, Economy)

A collage of laws that leaves the worker out in the cold (The Hindu, GS-3, Economy)

Context:- India consists of 91% informal workers, who are at the brink because of the hardship unleashed by the pandemic and government ignorance are pushing towards poverty.

  • What is the best possible thing to them for now

o   To have social security, which will provide them basic needs such as minimum wage guarantee, access to public health care etc.

    •  Indian Parliament has passed this code:- in September 2020 a Social Security Code
      • SS Code does not have provision for free basic curate health care.
      •  The SS Code 2020 merges existing social security laws and attempts to include informal workers
        • Criticism of code:- universalisation of social security remains an unfulfilled aspiration
      • the central government can extend ESI benefits to any organisation irrespective of the number of workers employed, but here lies overlapping in the functioning of state and center again.
      • This Code proposes that both the central and State governments will formulate schemes for unorganized workers
        • Criticism of code:- basic onus lies on informal workers registering as beneficiaries
    • Issue:- it is that, experience shows that there is an awful lack of awareness among informal workers regarding social security schemes
      • most informal workers lack digital literacy and connectivity
      • Informal workers also find it difficult to furnish all documentary papers
      • Continuous movement of informal workers led to lack of papers such as  proof of livelihood and income details 
  • Particular acts in social security
    • Maternity benefit
    • Employees Provident Fund
    • Payment of gratuity

Way Forward:-

  • inter-State arrangement and cooperation is imperative
  •  the central government should conceptualize a basic structure which if works must be adopted by the state with the requisite changes
  • Providing holistic social security cover for the unorganized workforce in a simple and effective manner
  •  Employers should have made to the have the responsibility of providing social security

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