A necessary reversion (The Hindu, Governance,GS-2)

A necessary reversion (The Hindu, Governance,GS-2)


Context:- Government’s COVID-19 policy went haywire when the central government decided for decentralisation of procurement of vaccines. Now because of the pressure from the media and the supreme court continuously asking about the centrality of procurement led to change inthe heart of central government.

Why government has adopted a decentralised policy:-

  • To decrease the fiscal deficit.
  • To give authority to the state so that they can act according to circumstances.
  • Health is a state subject.

Effects of centralised covid policy:-

  • New and economic price discovery of COVID drug.
  • One price for all states.
  • Now procurement will be done by the central government there by a unified vaccine policy.
  • State will have their administrative command

challenges faced by India

  • Covid-19 is a airborne disease and also spread through contact with the surface. 
  • A huge and highly vulnerable Population
  • Poor Public Hygiene despite the “Swachh Bharat (Clean India)” movements.
  • As many people spit and sneeze openly on the roadside and on public walls
  • The incubation period is not very accurate.
  • Covid-19 usually follows what is known as a biphasic or dual-phase infection.
  • Super Spreader Disease.
  • Rumours on Social Media: people tend to rely on social media platforms where rumours spread faster than the virus.


Weaknesses in indian model:-


Institutional (Government and Governance) and Infrastructure

  • Lack of testing kits + relief materials like medical equipment, PPE, masks, and ventilators.
  • Challenges in manufacturing testing kits and relief material indigenously and they are making india dependent on imports

Community and Civil Society

  • Lack of awareness among specific sections of the society , ignorance of society
  • Psychological barrier relating to isolation
  • Highly susceptible to diseases and poor immunity (India ranks 135 out of 195 on UNDP Health Index
  • High incubation period ranging from 1 day to 14 days

Academicians and Practitioners

  • Shortage of emergency healthcare infrastructure and professionals:
    • Doctor to patient ratio: 1:1445
    • Hospital beds to people ratio: 0.7:1000
    • Ventilators to population ratio 40000: 1.3bn

Innovation and Economy Drivers

Lack of flexible employee working arrangements

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