Aadhaar as a hurdle (GS-2, 3 The Hindu)

Aadhaar as a hurdle (GS-2, 3 The Hindu)

Issue: In S.C. a PIL is being filed on the pretext that 3 crore Ration card was cancelled as they were not interlinked with the ADHAR card.

    • About ADHAR CARD
      • It is a Unique identification Number
      • 12 numeric character
      • Statutory backing of ADHAR Act
      • given to Indian residents.
      • The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) is a statutory authority
    • Currently Many services are included into it, for example Bank account, Paasport or other government services.
    • Making Aadhar mandatory may have some side effects or unintended consequences.
      • Lack of digital infrastructure.
      • Digital literacy.
      • Lack of Physical infrastructure such as electricity etc.
      • Disincentives like exclusion from services as we have seen recently.
      • UIDAI dont have monitoring mechanism.
      • Issue of DATA theft.

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