Adverse changes, federalism imperilled (The Hindu, Polity, GS-2)

Adverse changes, federalism imperilled (The Hindu, Polity, GS-2)


Context:-  Recent remarks of NITI ayog member vinod paul, “ Vaccination issues in india emerged because of lack of centralising power”, is a naive one. We have to examine thoroughly these remarks and the current government’s stand on this front.

State government and central government have their own sphere to work on. The Constitution provides a 7th schedule which trifurcates these subjects and provides autonomy to states in these areas.

  • State governments have a primary responsibility to govern such as health, education and agriculture
  • ‘one nation­ one e tax, one market and one ration’ are sign of strong nation state 

Center’s encroachment:-

  • Centre used its powers to dismiss or use the Governor to intimidate democratically elected governments. 
  • During the Emergency, education was moved to the Concurrent list which was earlier a State subject
  • increasing centralisation in resource allocations and welfare interventions
  • The shortfall of GST and response of Centre which shows lackadaisical approach for compensation by State governments.
  • control through centrally sponsored scheme

Institutional transgression:-

  • Central institutions are increasingly weakening the polic levers of State institutions.
  • Institutions such as the Income Tax Department, the Enforcement Directorate and the National Investigation Agency are being used to intimidate political rivals.
  • Centre creating a disadvantage for  State governments at a in vaccine usage
  • the Centre has been meddling with the appointments of vice­ chancellors in universities funded by the state

Socio-cultural foundation

  • beside the legal­c onstitutional aspects of federalism, it is diversity in cultural foundation of regions that sustains Indian federalism. 
  • One ness among difference

Conclusion:- There is needed of federal coalition which can look beyond

the legal­ constitutional aspects of federalism to preserve the idea of

a plural India in terms of both culture and politics. This idea will sustain the true federal meaning of india.


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