Art on Migrant Workers of Lockdown Period  (GS paper I Art and Culture )

Art on Migrant Workers of Lockdown Period  (GS paper I Art and Culture )


 Raju Baraiya , an eminent artist  of  Baroda showed the condition of migrant workers during the lockdown period through his artwork . The first nationwide lockdown was announced in March 2020 and within a few weeks many migrant workers , working in metroes like Delhi, Mumbai started to migrate to their hometown or native places without any proper means of transportation  In his art work it is shown that how migrant workers felt unsettled looking at the images and news reports of migrants walking to their villages. 

Artwork entitled  Social distancing 

The title of his artwork was Social distancing. In his canvass he painted the picture of migrants who migrated from Surat, their working place to Amreli (Gujarat).  He painted their plight on his canvases.  Raju Baraiya compared these migrant workers with the heroes of Indian History. He represented them as INDIAN HEROES in front of the media . He presented his art work at Delhi’s Art District XIII gallery. Baraiya has won the award in the Glenfiddich (Scotland )‘Emerging Artist of the Year 2019 

About Raju Baraiya

Raju  Bariya was Born in Amreli (Gujarat) He had completed his Diploma in Painting from The Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S. University of Baroda, Vadodara. . He did his Post Diploma in Painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S University of Baroda. He has participated in several group shows including: ‘Artist at Glenfiddich’ International Residency Program in Dufftown, Scotland in 2019. He won the award  ‘The Emerging Artist of The year’ by the Glenfiddich Artist in Residency in Scotland in 2019. 

Artworks on Migrant workers 

Indian cinema has also pictersied the pathetic conditions of migrant workers during the lockdown period. How those workers of Bihar , UP and other regions of India had to travel to reach their respected home without any proper means of transportation. Many of them died because of hunger and. Many of them were killed in road accidents and in train accidents . Because of the sudden lockdown , these migrants had to suffer a lot . The 1232 km movie of Vinod Kapri had picturised very well about the pathetic conditions of migrant workers 

Pravasi: A Migrant’s Tale is another interesting movie, shown Plight of Migrant Workers. This movie is directed by Vivek Upaddhyay and in this Movie Vivek has done outstanding performance 

Vivek has won ‘Nirmal Pandey Smriti Film Festival’ in Mumbai. This film has been an eye opener for our government also . In this movie it has been shown that How much the government was prepared before announcing nationwide lockdown. Stories inspire us and something meaningful at the same time light hearted is liked by all.

Other Artwork on Migrant workers 

Jatin Das, India’s famous  contemporary artist, also painted the plight of migrant workers during lockdown through his artwork. 

Nationwide lockdown during 2020 was an important incident of Indian History which compelled migration on such a large scale after independence. This migration had taught us lesson that left significant impacts on our social life as well as economical life. Many artists whether, film maker, whether painter whether musician , all of them have realised the pathetic conditions of migrant workers during lockdown period and in their Art works , artisans have shown it .  

By Dr Anshul Bajpai 

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