Ballet Painting : Restoration of Art in Palestine (GS Paper I- Art and culture )

Ballet Painting : Restoration of Art in Palestine (GS Paper I- Art and culture )


Palestine is a country facing the disaster of war. Ballet painting describing her situation became too popular .  Ballet painting is a type of art emerged during the period of Renaissance in Italy (12th 13th century). Gradually this type of painting spread over the world and adopted its new form during the 19th century. In Modern days this type of painting has been the cultural Heritage of Palestine . Palestinian artist Abeer Jebril presented this type of painting . Through this painting artists tried to express the painful condition  of Palestine . Jibril is a 35 year old beautiful lady and she is residing in Gaza strip , Palestine 

History of the ballet Painting 

  • This painting became more popular during the time of French King Louis 13th , 14th and 15th. 

  • Louis 14th patronised this type of painting very well and for this purpose he established two institutions Academie De Danse and Academie Royale De Musique to promote this art. Since he was art lover and less focused in political affair 

  • Louis 15th and 16th could not take care of such a type of painting art because of the economic crisis that erupted in France . 

  • This painting was again flourished during 19th century in europe and from Europe it flourished entire world 


  • In Ballet painting , the main theme is human. Generally painters make pictures of human beauty, mainly female pictures . 

  • Ballet means a theatrical dance . in this painting, mainly dance picture s are painted 

  • The Painting was named with the name of Italian musician and choreographer , an eminent artist Balthasar de Beaujoyeulx. This artist had been associated with the court of France for long time 

  • balance and symmetry.are fundamental feature of such type of painting 

  • This painting Generally narrates the story of couteseous dances and the atmosphere of the court 

Various types of Ballets

  • Story Ballet 

  • Plotless Ballet

  • Classical Ballet

  • Neo Classical Ballet

  • Contemporary Ballet 

French artist . Edgar Degas inspired Abir Jebrils . jebril used black colour in this painting.  In fact through her painting he wanted to express the pathetic condition of Palestine. His main concern was also to express the male domination over females . Through her painting she wanted to express how various types of restrictions have been imposed on our women by men and how women are tollering these restrictions .

Through her painting Jibril also criticized Israel and Egypt and told both responsible for the pathetic condition of the women in Palestine 

Her portraits have been displayed in various countries like mainly Arab countries and European countries. The main feature of her portrait is the use of  knives. Art should be protected in the countries which are facing the problem of anarchy, war, disturbance . UNESCO and other institutions and even art lovers of the world should bring this concern to the international platform . Presently art and cultural heritage is facing the problem of its decline mainly in Iraq , Iran and Afghanistan. International concerned agencies should do their best to protect them. These countries neither have resource nor have sufficient mechanism to protect their cultural heritage 

By Dr Anshul Bajpai 



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