China wants Myanmar junta to join ASEAN Summit which met with stiff opposition

China wants Myanmar junta to join ASEAN Summit which met with stiff opposition

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Source: The Hindu

Why in news?

The Chinese bid to let Myanmar military rulers attend the Asian Summit has met with stiff opposition by its members.

Reason for opposition:

  • There was a military coup and ousted the elected government of Nobel Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi which sparkle bloody turmoil in Myanmar 

  • Myanmar Military Chief senior General Min Aung Hlaing was blocked from attending ASEAN Summit for his failure to honour the pledge to allow an ASEAN envoy to meet lawmakers overthrown in the coup.

What is ASEAN ( Association of Southeast Asian Nations)?

  • It is a Regional organization that aims to promote political and social stability with the motto “One Vision One Identity One Community”.

  • ASEAN was established with the signing of the Bangkok declaration in 1967 by its founding members namely- Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines Singapore and Thailand.

  • Its member countries are- Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei ,Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar ,Cambodia.


  • To promote regional peace and stability by respectful adherence to United Nations charter and abiding for justice and rule of law.

  • To promote economic and social growth and cultural development of Southeast Asian nations.

  • To promote and co-operate with the existing regional  and international institutions.

Significance of the grouping

  • It is the third largest Market in the world ,larger than North America and European Union markets. It is also the third largest economy in Asia and sixth largest in the world.

  • It forms the  4th most popular investment destination globally.

  • ASEAN grouping through building much-needed norms and fostering a neutral environment has contributed to regional stability.


  • Grouping’s individual market suffers from regional social and economic imbalances.

  • Income gap between rich and poor member States is very large.

  • The political system of member countries is a mix of democracy is communist and authoritarian states.

  • The issue of human rights is too a point of division among its members. e.g crackdown against Rohingyas in Myanmar.

  • The issue of the South China Sea exposes the rift among its members.

  • There is a lack of a Central mechanism to enforce compliance.

  • It’s dispute settlement mechanism is also not very efficient.

India and ASEAN

  • India shares a historic and cultural root with ASEAN members. Traditionally there has been trade and people-to-people ties between India and ASEAN.

  • In the current scenario, ASEAN has been Central to India’s Act East Policy and for India’s vision for the wider  Indo-Pacific and growth for all in the region.

  • ASEAN is India’s fourth largest trading partner.

  • Every year India- ASEAN Summit is held which provides an opportunity for India and ASESN countries to engage at the highest level.

  • In Jakarta, India has a separate mission for ASEAN.

  • 25 years of Dialogue partnership, 15 years of Summit level interactions and 5 years of Strategic partnership with ASEAN  has already been signed.

  • Delhi Declaration which aims to identify and promote cooperation in the Maritime domain under ASEAN- India strategic partnership.

  • ASEAN- India Centre, to undertake policy research advocacy and networking activities with organizations and think tanks in India and ASEAN.

  • To further strengthen the India- ASEAN connectivity, the Indian government announced its support for establishing ASEAN cultural heritage list.

  • In 16th East Asia Summit India reaffirmed its focus on free ,open and inclusive Indo-Pacific keeping the principle of ASEAN centrality in the region.

By Vivek Raj Yadav

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