Close the vaccination gap, in global lockstep (The Hindu, GS-2, Governance, Health)

Close the vaccination gap, in global lockstep (The Hindu, GS-2, Governance, Health)


Context:- European union which is on the COVAX alliance with india and other countries, don’t seem to be revoking the IPR on the covid-19 vaccine and technology. This article especially talks about the EU efforts in the vaccine efforts.

  • Currently 2.1% of african population is vaccinated.
  • At this speed it will take 2023 to get the whole world population vaccinated.
  • Till than new variant of the virus will come and it will render vaccine ineffective
  • These restrictions penalise the whole world, but they weigh even more heavily on developing countries.


  • Reveral of 
    • declining poverty 
    • global inequalities. 
  • Such a negative dynamic would hold back economic activity and increase geopolitical tensions
  • India’s “Vaccine Maitri” is another example of global solidarity.


Efforts of EU:-

  • a large scale and contributed significantly to the new generation of mRNA vaccines.
  • “Team Europe” (EU states +Financial institution) — is also donating vaccines to neighbours in need.
  • Team Europe has also been the main contributor to the COVAX facility
  • In cooperation with vaccine manufacturers, we are working to increase the EU vaccine production capacities

How to support Africa:-

  • All countries must avoid restrictive measures that affect vaccine

 supply chains. 

  • facilitate the transfer of knowledge and technology
  • encouraging European producers to  produce especially in Africa.
  • existing Trade­Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS)
  • Agreement and the 2001 Doha Declaration 
    • We can explore possibility of compulsory licensing


 EU will come forward with a new proposal in the World Trade Organization framework by early June.


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