Cybercrime is a criminal activity that involves any network devices that target individuals, companies and governments for direct financial gain or sabotage or disrupt the operation. Cybercrime is a major threat to two sectors identified under critical information infrastructure that include the financial system, Air traffic control, and telecommunications.

Different types of cyber crimes: The Hindu Analysis

  • Malware- also known as malicious software air refers to any kind of software that is designed to cause damage to a single computer, server or computer network. Ransomware,spyware,worms,viruses,Trojans are all varieties of malware.

  • Phishing- it is the method of trying to gather personal information using deceptive emails and websites.

  • Denial-of-service attacks-This attack is meant to shutdown a machine on the network, making it accessible to  its intended users. Dos attacks accomplish this by flooding the target with traffic of sending its information that triggers a crash

  • Man in the middle attacks- or eavesdropping attacks,occur when attackers insert themselves into a two party transaction. Once the attackers interrupt the traffic, they can filter and steal data.

  • Social engineering-it is an attack that relies on human interaction To tricks users into breaking security procedures to gain sensitive information that is typically protected.

Measures to be taken: The Hindu Analysis

  • Real time intelligence is required for preventing and containing cyber attacks.

  • Periodical backup of data is a solution to ransomware.

  • Using artificial intelligence for predicting and accurately identifying attacks.

  • Using the knowledge gained from actual attacks that have already taken place in building effective and pragmatic defence.

  • There is a need to secure the computing environment and IOT with current tools, patches, updates and best known methods in a timely manner.

  • The need of the hour is to develop core skills in cyber security, data integrity and data security fields while also setting stringent cyber security standards to protect banks and financial institutions.


One of the highest number of cyber attacks and threat have been detected in India and the country ranks second in terms of targeted attacks banking and telecom are the most attacked sectors, but manufacturing healthcare and retail have also faced the significant number of cyber attacks thus, there is an urgent need to make protective measures to tackle this menace.


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