Deflating India’s COVID black market boom(Governance, GS-2,The Hindu)

Deflating India’s COVID black market boom(Governance, GS-2,The Hindu)


Context:- Covid-19 which has devastated medical supply has also made black economy thrive. This black market acts like a blood succor. So we will talk about how we can undo this tragedy of human.

  • Fake tocilizumab injections in Surat and Ahmedabad was unearthed by the Gujarat Food and Drugs Control Administration
  • Same story of remdesivir
  • Same with the oxygen supply
  • persistent challenges many citizens face in medical aid

Why this situation

  • administrative organisations are being overwhelmed and helpline numbers inundated with calls
  • not receiving a closure communication from helplines
  •  inaccessibility, a redundant and long communication process flow
  • a delay in rendering responses
  • Alleged hospital bed-booking scams
  • unnecessary hoarding of COVID-19 essentials by the elite

Way forward:-

  • administrative mechanisms need to be expanded qualitatively and quantitatively
  •  identify volunteer groups, train them, optimise them and deploy them on a priority basis 
  • We need to operationalise technological knowledge in order to ease the communication processes
  • reduce the burden on data entry operators
  • expert planning model
  •  we need a strong, decentralised and independent vigilance system which promotes transparency


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