Embracing children (The Hindu, Social justice, GS-2)

Embracing children (The Hindu, Social justice, GS-2)


Context:- Recently national protection of child right commission said there are 10000 chidrent in the country who became orpha due to the covid-19. These children are prone to flesh trade, child trafficking and also the child laboor

  • Central government has announced the measure it will take but the issue remains
    • the Centre did not lay down procedural formalities for implementation.
  • these children run a high risk of being pushed into trafficking and the flesh trade
  •  the Government cannot dawdle over figuring out implementation strategies.

Why measures are needed:-

  • They are the most vulnerable section of society
  • This is their right e.g.right to life
  • Duty of the state to provide security to each and every person

Way forward

  • mechanisms to kick start rescue and relief, besides undertaking the continuing process of estimating beneficiaries is needed. 
  • A separate funding can be the way out
  • Robust center state relation
  • All stakeholder workout
  • NGO can be wrapped in the program.

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