Energy Poverty

Energy Poverty

Energy Poverty and Its Details

Energy Poverty means a lack of access to sustainable modern energy products and services. Given the fact that energy and human development are proportionately linked, it is of utmost importance that sustainable Energy Poverty means a lack of access to sustainable modern energy products and services which is related to Daily Current Affairs for the UPSC. 

Factors Causing Energy Poverty in India

  • Inadequate Energy Infrastructure: India has more relied on traditional biomass such as wood, crop residue, and wood pellets. Lack of energy infrastructure such as underground pipelines,
    and transmission lines created hurdles
  • The inefficiency of Energy: High losses during transmission, and energy thefts lead to inefficiency.
  •  Dependency and Vulnerability: The majority of electricity produced in India is created through coal which in general is imported due to poor reserves. In event of war and geopolitical
    tensions, the price of coal has soared more than 200% which makes electricity, a luxury.

To make India achieve self-reliance in sustainable energy production, the government has taken several steps.

Energy Poverty

Energy Poverty

Steps were taken by the government to ensure energy security

  • National Solar Mission: Solar Power has increased almost 10 times with help of schemes like the Solar Park scheme, Canal Bank Scheme, Grid connected solar rooftop scheme
  • National Biofuel Policy: Biofuel could be easily sourced and could decrease India
    dependency on crude oil Which will further ensure India’s energy integrity.
  • UJALA (Unnat Jyoti by Affordable LEDs for All): Under UJALA, the government has
    distributed 37 crore LED bulbs across the country resulting in energy savings of 47.65
    a billion kWh per year and decreased estimated Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission of 38.59
    a million tonnes of CO2 per year.

In order to ensure India’s energy security and uplift India from energy poverty, the government needs to organize an awareness campaign related to subsidies. The government should also set up monitoring mechanisms to ensure the implementation in the true spirit of the letter.


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