Evaluate the Ladakh crisis, keep China at bay (The Hindu, International relations, GS-2)

Context:- the stand-off between Indian and Chinese troops in eastern Ladakh shows no signs of resolution. recent study published by the Lowy Institute shows three lesson learnt from their ladakh crises.

  • Military strategies based on denial are more useful than strategies based on punishment.
      1. India was on the denial mode and then India retaliated against China in ladakh.
      2. India need military modernisation
      3. Increase capability in the indian ocean
      4. Appropriate action on all front, i.e economy, internationally etc.
  • China is more likely to be deterred or coerced with the threat of political costs, rather than material costs.
      1. India should take all these things into the international arena and condemn the chinese act.
      2. More pressure politically.
  • India should consider accepting more risk on the LAC in exchange for long-term leverage and influence in the Indian Ocean Region.
    1. A comprehensive strategy to manage the chinese in the eastern and northern border.
    2. Increase access and connectivity.
    3. Boost to indigenous manufacturing of military items.
    4. Indian ocean region’s security should not be seen in the silos rather in connection.

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