Female Labour Force Participation Rate 

Female Labour Force Participation Rate 

Female Labour Force Participation Rate 

Recently, The Centre for Monitoring the Indian Economy, the participation Female Labour Force Participation Rate in rural has remained stagnant at 9.92% as compared to the urban women workforce of 24.45%. Though the rural economy contributes substantially to India’s national income, there are a lot of scopes for women to accentuate the number. This topic is related to the Daily Current Affairs for the UPSC Examination.

Challenges Faced by Rural Women

  • Lack of Education: Many women are not aware of the benefits they are eligible for. Lack of education and skills compels them to work as wage labourers which is very low.
  • Nutrition and Inflation: Meagre income generated by labour work is insufficient for nutritious food. The problem of malnourishment has been accentuated by increased food prices.
  • Lack of Employment: Women who are skilled but constrained by geography could not find a well-paid job due to limited investment.
  • Gender Pay Discrimination: Women are paid way less for lifting piece weights. Physical constraints to lift mud, sand, wooden logs, and cement translates to less pay.
  • MGNREGA: The act required that women should be prioritised in at least 1/3 rd. of beneficiaries but there has been lax implementation owing to reverse migration and unawareness.

Reforms Needed Female Labour Force Participation

  • Survey: Due to a lack of data, the government could not formulate a proper scheme/policy due to which there is a widespread crisis of livelihood.
  • Skilling and Training: This will help in the holistic development of women. It will help expand employment opportunities.
  • Health: Affordable healthcare and adequate wash and sanitation facilities could improve living standards.
  • Minimum wages: There should be strict implementation of minimum wages ensuring equal pay for equal work.
  • Women continue to face barriers in entering the labour market. Thus, the ultimate goal is not to increase the female labour force but to reduce gender discrimination and ensure equal pay for equal work.

The whole article talks about how the Female Labour Force Participation Rate impacts the Indian Economy. 


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