Forestalling a cyber Pearl Harbour (The Hindu, GS-3, Internal security)

Forestalling a cyber Pearl Harbour (The Hindu, GS-3, Internal security)

Issue:- Cyber attack on indian firms, indian government, and india’s key infrastructure.

What is cyber attack:

    • When computers or its networks are being accessed by the unauthorised persons.
  • How
      • Through trojan, cyber espionage, malware etc.
  • How indian government tries to safeguard indian infra
  • Information technology act-2000
      • Government agencies
        • National critical infrastructure information protection centre.
        • CERT-IN.
        • National information centre
        • Recent development
          • Cyber vertical in both defence as well as in foreign ministry.
  • Why indian installments being attacked and Why?
        • Security lapses in indian installations.
        • Awareness among indian people and even in the lower administration.
        • Electronics parts are being imported by China.
        • Lack of cyber security personnel.
        • Government negligence e.g in USA 10 Bn $ are being allocated for cyber security in the COVID relief package.
  • What about the world
    • Recent attack on ukraine power grid should be a wakeup call for india
    • Attack on Iran’s nuclear establishment (STUXNET attack)
    • Many covet files in the USA are being compromised.


ShadowPad is depicted as a “back-door ‘Trojan’ malware which creates a secret path from a targeted system to a command and control server to extract information”.


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