Hand painted film posters : A Dying art of india (GS Paper I : Art and Culture )

Hand painted film posters : A Dying art of india (GS Paper I : Art and Culture )

Context : 

During the 1980s the posters of Hindi cinema were hand painted and the artists related to this art were the most significant artists . Those artists earned huge money for this art . Mahmood is one of the artists who was famous for the paintings of the posters of Indian Cinema . painter mahood , returned back to his native place after 2000 and now days he is living in very ordinary life because the market value of this art has been reduced after the invention of computer and coloured printers 

  • One there was a time in the early days of Indian cinema where the hand painted posters of Indian cinemas were released and the posters of Hero, heroine and villain also were hand painted. This was the work of the painters to show the beauty of these heroes and heroines 

  • Many heroes like Amitabh, rajesh Khanna , Dev Anand and Heroines like rekha, Hema malini had become famous because of their hand painted posters and their larger than life image was painted by such artisans in the posters 

  •  At that time , movies were released in single screen theatres and generally the public watched these popsters and decided whether they would see the cinema or not. The future of these cinema were dependent of such art 

  • The posters of film actor and actress were used in small shop, Pan’s gumti and the barber’s shops also

  • After the arrival of digital painting this art died with its natural death 

  • Mahmood was a well recognised painter for Hindi cinema  and he was known as painter mahmood . He is now receding in very pathetic condition . He is working only for the wall painting 

  • Painters like Mahmood are dead now . In those days they were worship by Indian cinema now days now body is taking care them just because of the technology 

  • The movie Andha Kanoon became a super hit just because of a hand painted poster of Mahmood . Mahmood made the debuted hero Rajinikanth as a  stars but now days Mahmood is unemployed and Rajinikanth is earning the fame 

  • In Nepal still. The hand painted posters are being used for the promotions of the cinema .  A nepali director Sambhu pradhan used hand painted posters for the promotion of his film . Mahmood denied to get job in Nepal 

  • Every thing was good until the era of digital revolution (after 2000 AD). Single screen cinema had now converted into multiplex and the hand painted posters had lost its significance in front of the digital posters as well as the social media . Now the way of promotion has completely changed 

  • Present day mahood is working as the one of the best and reputed wall painters of Kolkata and he is making the paintings of the graffiti of politicians . He painted the image of Mamta Banerji also

  • In many Durga puja pandals in Kolkata we see the paintings of Mahood . It is appreciable thing 

  • In India many talented artists are facing economic problems. In fact , because of lack of education  they could not expose them ]self and the nature of the market is not in their favour . Government should do something sonstrative to preserve our old art . Government should provide some financial assistance to those artist who are carrying forward our ancient art tradition 

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