In climate change noise, India’s role as conductor (The Hindu, GS-3 Environment)

Context:- Western countries such as USA are mounting pressure on India to declare itself as net zero emitter.

  • If green house gas emission will continue to be on the same pace then it will difficult to achieve the Paris climate deal.
  • we have to decrease the carbon emission if we want to sustain our selves
  • climate justice as said in Paris climate deal.
  • it is same as the retirement plan. i.e. in the middle age a person plans his financial resources according to the need in the future.

FACTS:- According to the some of the studies countries which are in the high income as accordingly by the world bank must have on 20-25 year for carbon neutral.

  • India will be in that bracket some where in 2050, so india can itself declare herself to be carbon neutral by 2070-75.
  • USA which is in the high income must declare itslef by 2040 but she had declare herself in 2050.


Way forward:-

  • Declaration can show India’s commitment to the deal.
  • To save earth’s atmosphere.
  • But we must think about our poor population as well which need energy.
  • Equitable justice is the mainstay.


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Swarn Singh

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