The inaugural India Central-Asia summit, Hosted in a virtual format indicates India’s renewed enthusiasm to engage the central asian region.The region has gained a significance in India FP despite the fact that is offer limited economic and others stakes due to lack of physical access, primarily in the backdrop of recent your political shift. Nevertheless the gains from the region might be minimal but the disadvantage of non engagement could be costly in the longer run.

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Key points

  • Institutionalisation of the summit-leaders agreed to institutionalise the summit mechanism by deciding to hold it every two years.
  • An India Central Asia secretariat in New Delhi would be set up.
  • Cooperation in areas of trade and connectivity development defence and security culture and people to people contacts
  • A comprehensive joint declaration was adopted by the leaders that enumerates their common vision for an enduring and comprehensive India Central Asia partnership.

Focus on Afghanistan: The Hindu Analysis

  • India’s engagement with the CAR world helps in consolidating its post American Afghan policy. Today Current Affairs.
  • With Taliban 2.0, New Delhi is forced to devise new ways of increasing Afghanistan and CAR and Russia offers the way out.
  • Tajikistan holds immense geo political significance for India’s as it’s  border Afghanistan as well as in geography  close to POK,  and India has helped maintain their base in the country.
  • The United States recognised the utility of Moscow New Delhi relation in Central Asia to offset Beijing dominance in the geo-economic landscape.
  • Both India and CAR use Russian defence equipment.

 Trade : The Hindu Analysis

  • India always maintains excellent diplomatic ties with all five Central Asian states, last prime minister visit was in 2015.yet India’s trade is 1.4 billion dollar as of 2019.
  • Due to lack of physical access, trade had been in the downswing.
  • Trade connectivity through Iran and Afghanistan has become important.

Challenges : The Hindu Analysis

  • China which shares a land border with the region is already a major investor there. It is the region’s most important economic partner that castes shadows over India’s relevance in the region.
  • The Restoration of waiver to Iran under joint comprehensive plan of action  is detrimental in connecting CAR to India via hybrid model-(Chahbahr port)
  • Grouping of China, Pakistan and Taliban Afghanistan has added to the concern.

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Way forward

  • CAR is the zone of India civilization influence.The Fergana valley was India’s crossing point of the great silk road.
  • When others engage with the region from eg.china(BRI), Russia(collective security treaty organisation),Turkey(turkic council) and the Islamic world (organisation of Islamic cooperation) it would be better for India to give a culture and historical perspective to the region through a summit level and annual meet.
  • Central Asia carries no specific stands towards any country with the exception of Russia while their strategic visions are often opaque, they are wary of China.
  • However, they have strong economic ties with China with respect to little or no economic dependency on India.
  • India needs political will, material capability and diplomatic wherewithal to walk the talks on its commitment to Central Asia.

In this article we mention all information about INDIA’S ENGAGEMENT WITH CENTRAL ASIA Today Current Affairs.

Source : THE HINDU

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