Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Growth (GS-2,3 The Hindu)

Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Growth (GS-2,3 The Hindu)

Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Growth- Today Current Affairs

India, over the centuries, has no way had a dearth of great thinkers, scientists, masterminds, croakers, originators, proponents, artists. Indian intellectual, engineering, and cultural capabilities are alternate to none with some of the topmost scientists, mathematicians and masterminds in the world like former President Abdul Kalam,S. Ramanujan, Sir C.V. Raman andDr. Vikram Sarabhai coming from colorful regions are leading inventions in some of the largest and most innovative tech, medical, fiscal companies of the world including Google, Microsoft, IBM, Adobe. 

Access to an innovative ecosystem in these developed countries has allowed numerous Indians to realise their bournes, convert their dreams into realities, and helped them blossom to their full creative eventuality. 

With over1.4 million seminaries, roughly of India. Our gospel, culture, forfeiture trades, tabernacles and puppets also bear evidence of the same. However, what has been lacking is a holistic invention and entrepreneurial ecosystem that stimulates, enables and supports Inspiration, Imagination and Innovation in our seminaries, universities, diligence across the length and breadth of the nation. Whenever Indians go abroad they exceed and reach the loftiest situations of eminence and achievements, be it in technology, business, academia, and indeed governments. Numerous Indians 10500 engineering and affiliated institutions, roughly 39000 sodalities, a demographic tip that’s the covetousness of numerous a country and a fast growing frugality; the imperative in India is thus to insure that an estimated 150 million youth of India entering the pool over the coming many times can realise their true eventuality through access to a world class invention and entrepreneurial ecosystem, using fleetly advancing, accessible, affordable technologies transubstantiation the world we live in and enabling an inconceivable set of openings for invention and new job creation. Revolutionary technological advancements are indeed transubstantiating the world giving rise to new technology and business inventions at a dizzying pace. The Hindu Analysis.

Electronics miniaturisation has enabled a computer the size of a room to fit our pockets backed by the confluence of computing, storehouse and dispatches at incredibly lower costs. Robotics and Artificial intelligence are driving the coming generation’s productivity and robotization. 3D printers are making real time conceptualisation, design, prototyping and manufacturing at an SME position a reality. IOT or the Internet of effects are connecting detector technologies to mobile and satellite Technologies in every Assiduity-from enabling perfection husbandry, healthcare, water sanctification and conservation, climate change controls, disaster vaticination and operation, driverless buses and space shuttles. 

Big Data and analytics and Artificial Intelligence are enabling complex decision making through advanced easy to use tools. India is a country of a billion people with thousands of challenges, which are also thousands of openings for innovative entrepreneurial startups to succeed with possible global impact. 

 Indian Entrepreneurs and Startups at van during COVID-19 extremity 

The global COVID-19 extremity has descended with a speed and intensity that has stirred and shaken nations worldwide. It’s contagious spread is languishing people in all walks of life in over 140 countries, accelerated by an intricately connected world we all live in, where people’s mobility is crucial to nearly every country’s frugality. The COVID-19 extremity has left countries heaving for immediate results indeed as the world’s finest scientists, healthcare and biotech experimenters fervently race towards chancing a restorative result or vaccine to bring this extremity to an end. A extremity of this magnitude and speed of spread needs critical preventative, assistive, treatment- related results in colorful orders. These range from high quality and dependable masks, particular preventative outfit, ventilators, sanitisers, and contact- dogging, among others. The Hindu Analysis.

This demands not only great innovative capability, but also inconceivable dexterity and deftness by companies and government institutions to effectively arrest and end the COVID-19 imminence. With the grueling task of keeping over1.3 billion people safe from the clutches of the coronavirus, the Government of India is exercising numerous enterprise in resemblant to insure that this global epidemic doesn’t inflict annihilation in a country with as different a set of challenges as one could imagine having. Among them is to work its invention and incipiency ecosystem with over 250 incubators and active startups. 

The challenges in India are numerous. These include controlling the spread of COVID-19 in its metropolises with their share of veritably thick areas of population, its vast network of townlets with lack of acceptable hospitals, healthcare outfit or croakers, and a largely migratory pool who are diurnal- paycheck earners. The results demanded thus are myriad in nature that also need to be customised to the original requirements. Affordability combined with high quality and availability to the same are the major challenges and conditions in a country like India. 

Challenging times and an extremity of this nature need great government support. It also demands great solidarity between academia, government and assiduity. While no one could have visualised a extremity of similar grand proportions to arise so suddenly, the government of India’s unsparing backing of its Startup and Incubator ecosystem over the once several times is one of the brightest shining lights on the horizon to disband the darkness of despair that seems to be boxing in numerous corridor of the world. 

Atal Innovation Mission Powering Atma Nirbhar Bharat through Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The Hindu Analysis.

An ongoing epidemic of unknown proportions, COVID-19 has impacted lives and livelihoods across the globe. Indeed as the stylish minds in the world race towards changing preventative and restorative results to combat and check the spread of the new coronavirus, the current extremity has been an eye- nature to several openings that have presented themselves during this time. 


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