Junk inefficiency (The Hindu, GS-3)

Junk inefficiency (The Hindu, GS-3)

  • Vehicle scrappage policy:
    • fitness certificate after 15 years in case of failure,  increased fees for fitness certificate 
      • fitness test may be applicable for commercial vehicles 15 year onwards from the date of initial registration.
    • It is proposed that Private Vehicles be de-registered
      • after 20 years if found unfit or in case of a failure to renew registration certificate.
    • all vehicles of the Central Government, State Government, Municipal Corporation, Panchayats, State Transport Undertakings, Public Sector Undertakings and autonomous bodies with the Union and State Governments may be de-registered and scrapped after 15 years from the date of registration.

Some of these incentives include:

Scrap Value for the old vehicle given by the scrapping centre

  • which is approximately 4-6% of ex-showroom price of a new vehicle.

The state governments may be advised to offer a road- tax rebate

  •  up to 25% for personal vehicles 
  • up to 15% for commercial vehicles

The vehicle manufacturers are also advised to provide a discount of 5% on purchase of new vehicles against the scrapping certificate.

 the registration fees may also be waived for purchase of a new vehicle against the scrapping certificate. 

Why it is important:

  • It will improve the environment.
  • Providing the Jobs.
  • New technology advancements.
  • Help in advancement in Electronic Vehicle

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