MEA silent on reports of UAE role in India-Pakistan détente (GS-2 international relations, The Hindu

Recent cease fire between India and Pakistan has been done covertly through back channel initiative.

  • What is back channel initiative?
    • When formal channel of diplomacy is not giving the required result then in case country resort to back channel.
      • In such initiatives government of both countries talks away from the light, ie. media.
      • Their objectives, issues  don’t come in media rather countries declare the result only for example India and Pakistan cease fire.
    • in this case some reports says peace has been brokered by UAE.
      • Why such initiative is important.
        • Both countries feel free to discuss their issues.
        •  Media limelight is not there so, no unnecessary pressure.
        • Earlier such back channel was developed in 2008 before Mumbai attack.

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Swarn Singh

Plutus IAS Current Affair Team

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