‘Northeast citizens faced bias amid pandemic’ (GS-1, Regionalism, communalism, The Hindu)

Context:- Recent report on the racial issues faced by the north east people, during the pandemic, unpublished. shows a stark reality, people of east India faces.

  • Why north east people faces the racial discrimination:-
    • Their physical appearance.
    • People of mainland (Though north east is an integral part of India) seems pathetic to the racial issues.
    • People don’t treat them equal.
    • Awareness among the people, as such awareness is not being taught in the school
    • Prejudice.
  • recent case studies:
    • In Bengaluru northeast people exodus in the past.
    • crime against them in Delhi.
    • Many of the mainstream people thinks north east is not the part of india.
  • Government steps
    • Destination north east-2020
    • Ek Bharat, Shreshtha Bharat
    • Cultural Heritage Youth Leadership Programme (CHYLP)
    • bezbaruah committee for north east people
  • Bezbaruah committee for north east people (look into concerns of people hailing from north-eastern states living and working in other parts of the country.)
    • Reach North east people via social media
    • dedicated public prosecutor
    • Nodal police stations
    • victim relief fund
    • promotion of sports in the north east

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Swarn Singh

Plutus IAS Current Affair Team

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