Painting : Oldest Art of India (GS- I Art and culture ) 

Painting : Oldest Art of India (GS- I Art and culture ) 

(In courtesy of the birth anniversary of M. F Hussain  )


  • The history of painting in India goes back to the paleolithic period. From Bhimvetka , we have the oldest evidences of Indian painting 

  • M.F Hussain, a legendary Indian artist who got international recognition in the area of painting borned 17 Sept 1915. On the occasion of his birth anniversary his contribution to Indian art is being remembered . 

  • He was awarded with several awards like Padm Vibhusan, padm Bhusan, Padm Shri 

  •  National Film Fare award . His artworks include Mother Terresa, Horses, mother India , Lady with Vina, untitled lovers etc 

Characteristics of M. F Hussain’s Painting 

  • A series on  Indian Civilization by Hussain was marked by painting the Hindu deity Ganesha. Known as the remover of obstacles. Ganesha is a patron of the arts and letters, worshipped at the beginning of any endeavour. 

  • Elephant figure was another famous figure in which He has painted  as a four-armed man with an elephant head, this is tried to show with the ancient terracotta goddess figure. .

  • In his painting Hussain showed the three legendary dynasties of ancient India – Mauryan dynasty , later mauryan dyynasties as the invador and third was Muslim dysnaties for the modern period he painted British ruling class also In his painting , Hussain payed atribute to legendary Ravindra nath tagore . ravindra nath tagore had also been popular in the field of painting and literature. ‘ . there fore this type of painting is called poems in stone Hussain painting narrates the contemporary situation also . he painted pictures of working women , loving women and showing the situation of deprived woman. In his painting various dimensions of cotemporary society are also been reflected 

  • In this picture , the painting is interpreting the situation of three big cities like Delhi, Varanasi and Mumbai. These three cities had been popular in India as the centres of politics, spiritualism and the economy 

  • He was an expert of Indian dance . His painting also narrates the Indian dance pattern . Husain painted  the regional diversity of Indian dance forms, an integral part of high culture and festival ritual. Hussain also loves Indian cinema. He was great lover of Madhuri Dixit and he liked the dance of Madhuri Dixit. In his painting , his love toward dance is also reflected History of Indian Painting 

It goes back up to the Paleolithic period. Indian Painting has diversified characteristics , mainly regional characteristics. . 

  • In fact , the Indian artist’s nature has also been romantic , so they always tried to create beauty through his work. This effort can be seen everywhere in Indian art TDuring the Gupta period , painting flourished in the entire India . Gupta period , the painting of God/ goddess  as well as ordinary man, women could also be seen 

  • Many painting of Gupta period show the Erotic art of ancient india 

  • Style of Indian paintings varies from region to region. It has gone through many changes since prehistoric times. India’s tradition, cultural sentiments and religious beliefs influence different styles of Indian art and paintings. 

  • Thre are various forms of Indian painting. This classification is based either on the name of the region or on the name of the ruler . For example Miniature painting  Puri painting, Mali paintingT Warli painting,, Kalighat painting, Maithili painting, Mughal painting, Tanjore painting, Jadupatua painting,, Mysore painting, Phad painting, Mural painting, Pahari painting.

  • Indian painting is popular worldwide.  Indians always use To decorate their houses at the time of various festivals . 

  • Indian art and painting is not only recognised in India but also at world level.

By Dr Anshul Bajpai 

Plutus IAS Daily Current Affairs 18th September 2021

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