Reservation in Private Job

Reservation in Private Job

Reservation in Private Job

Recently, states like Haryana and Madhya Pradesh have reserved jobs in the private or public sector for local residents. This has led to the debate on the growing trend of jobs for locals. The article talks about how the Private Job Reservation impacts Indian Polity and Governance-constitution which is related to daily current affairs for UPSC.

Many other states like Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, and Jharkhand have passed similar laws but ran into hurdles or were halted by the court owing to a violation of many rights enshrined in the constitution.

Reasons For the Emergence of Private Job Reservation

  • Lack of availability of skilled jobs in the concerned state.
  • Lack of skilled personnel.
  • State’s failure to create more jobs owing to deficiency in capital or market assets.
  • The majority of available jobs are being filled by outsiders.


  • ENHANCES SON-OF-SOIL- DOCTRINE: Shutting down the jobs for non-domiciles will not only lead to discrimination but open the pandora’s box which would encourage other states to follow the same path.
  • THROWING THE BUSINESS OUT: Laws for local reservations may push the business to migrate, as sometimes the local population is not adequately skilled to fill the roles demanded by companies.
  • ULTRA VIRES TO THE CONSTITUTION: They are in violation of Articles 14, 16, and 19 (g) which provide the Right To Equality and Protection of certain rights to practice any profession, or to carry any trade or business.
  • RE-EMERGENCE OF PRE-1991 ERA: Many scholars have argued that allowing for local reservations is equivalent to the nationalization of the corporate/private sector.

Creating more skilled labor and jobs for the same is the need of the hour. Government should provide adequate incentives for industries to create an enabling ecosystem for employing more local people.

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