Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative Agriculture

 The topic talks about Biodiversity and climate change’s significance in Regenerative Agriculture.  

Relevance for Prelims: Agriculture, IPCC

Relevance for Mains: Significance of Regenerative Agriculture

Context: The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report on Climate Change and Land has underlined its significance of it.

About :

It is a holistic farming system that focuses on the health of the soil, quality of food, improvement of biodiversity, and improved water & air quality.

Regenerative Agriculture

Pic: Cover Crops

Regenerative Agriculture focuses on a few principles mentioned below:

  1. Minimize soil distribution through conservation tillage.
  2. Diversify crops to replenish nutrients and disrupt pest and disease lifecycles.
  3. Integrate livestock which adds manure to the soil and further act as a source of carbon sinks.
  4. Crop covering which adds biomass to the soil


  1. Intensive agriculture practices have led to soil degradation and constant losses. According to international scientists, the way and the pace of degradation is going, it seems like the world may not have enough soil to cultivate crops.
  2. It improves soil health through practices that increased the level of biota and biodiversity.
  3. It also helps in the reduction of soil degradation and erosion and provides habitat and food for diverse species.



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