Remoteness is no hindrance to academic excellence (The Hindu Editorial, GS-2)

Context:- Recent article which said that there must be fewer IITs and should not be in the remote or in the countryside.

  • Indian higher education system is butchering from 2 major problems
      1. Number of Faculties are Less
      2. inconsistency and group think in the hiring committees
  • Solution:-
  • Recruitment stage:-
      • Screening of the application should not be based of the number of papers, or grants received in such case many deserving people will be out and we will have the paper manufacturing faculty.
      •  the external experts should prepare a short shortlist
      •  Each applicant should be asked to provide
        • in addition to their full curriculum vitae
        •  their two best research publications
        • their two best pedagogic materials such as a homework assignment or examination.

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