Reworking net-zero for climate justice (The Hindu, GS-3)

Reworking net-zero for climate justice (The Hindu, GS-3)

Context:- after 1981 Global temperature increased sharply, with little contribution from the developing countries.

  • During UN climate summit: Narendra Modi stressed a reframing of climate change to climate justice.
  • History shows that:- India will meet its Paris Agreement target for 2030, its per-capita emissions are a third of the global average
  • Issue in climate justice
    • Developed countries dont contribute what they must be
    •  longer term goals without the strategy
    • inequity is built into the Climate Treaty
    • case of finance and technology transfer
    • models on which global policy recommendations for developing countries are based consider achieving ‘reasonable’ not ‘comparable’ levels.
  • Role of infrastructure
    •  infrastructure has a defining role in human well-being
    •  There is no substitute to cement, steel and construction material, and worldwide which is the largest contributor
    • its young population and late development
  • New framework
    • Decrease the consumption of meat around the world, india has 4 kg per capita comsumption where as western world has 68 kg.
    • Use of coal must be decreased with improvement in the sophisticated technology such as green.

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