Rural health care needs fixing, and now (The Hindu, GS-2, Health)

Rural health care needs fixing, and now (The Hindu, GS-2, Health)


Context:- covid-19 expose the state of rural health infrastructure by devastating the rural population, its social and economic infrastructure

Facts about rural health infra

  • Rajya Sabha suggest that 29,337 primary health centres (PHCs) are required in the rural areas of the country
  • One PHC for 25 villages in India
  • 5,624 community health centres (CHCs) against the requirement of 7,322
  • a shortfall of 81.8% specialists at CHCs
  • India has eight hospital beds for a population of 10,000 people
  • According to WHO 71% deaths are because of non-communicable disease.

What is the need to be done in order to save rural population:-

  • governments  should engage with all kinds of rural community organisations such as panchayats, gram sabha, notified area committees, municipal bodies and nongovernmental organisation
  • If our SHCs work effectively, there will be less pressure on PHCs. 
  • All stakeholder approach
  • stakeholders to revisit and refurbish our health infrastructure in the rural areas.
  • The chain of SHCs, PHCs and CHCs can very well take care of the multiple health needs
  • should have the health data of people in their respective areas.

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