Stamp out the canker thwarting democracy (The Hindu, GS-2, Polity)

plutus ias daily current affairs 7 april 2021Context:- 2007-08 financial crisis seriously dented the economies of many nations, and the recovery has been slow, or sporadic.

  • COVID-19 impact:-
    • economic tsunami
    • upheavals and dislocation affecting every region of human activity
    • an accompanying health crisis
    • The fostering of a crisis mentality
    • a series of political and strategic crises
    • Disinformation and distortions
  • How we can strengthen the post covid era
    • relationship the community should have with the police
    •  look at newer alternatives
    • Removal of  widespread corruption
    •  it means creating and executing a national public awareness campaign


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Swarn Singh

Plutus IAS Current Affair Team

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