State interventions, Lakshadweep’s future (Polity and governance, GS-2, The Hindu)

State interventions, Lakshadweep’s future (Polity and governance, GS-2, The Hindu)


Context:- Administration in the lakshadweep took the administrative decision for the reforms. On this point 4 legislations or laws/ rules have been enacted.

What are those legislation:-

  1. The Lakshadweep Animal Preservation Regulation, 2021;
  2. The Prevention of Anti-Social Activities Regulation (PASA);
  3. The Lakshadweep Panchayat Regulation, 2021 and
  4. Lakshadweep Development Authority Regulation 2021.

What is lakshadweep:-

  • India’s smallest Union Territory
  • It is an archipelago consisting of 36 islands 
  • Directly comes under the control of the Centre through an administrator.
  • The Capital is Kavaratti 
  • Pitti island has a bird sanctuary.
  • All are of coral origin (Atoll) and are surrounded by fringing reefs.

There are three main group of islands:

  1. Amindivi Islands
  2. Laccadive Islands
  3. Minicoy Island. 

Socio-economy of society:

  • The society is matriarchal. 
  • The religion is Islam.
  • It also gives India a huge and exclusive economic zone with three distinct ecosystems: land, lagoon and ocean.
  • Fishing is a primary occupation here. 
  • The language is Malayalam but in Minicoy it is Mahl.
  • Vatteluttu was the earliest script used with its Sanskrit component.



  • Administrator’s interference in the life of islander 
    • Introduction of beef ban 

The Goonda Act:-

  • AlreadyVery less crime rate 
  • revoking of restrictions on alcohol for benefit of tourism is the one of issue.
  • mandatory quarantine if the island bound travellers 
  • panchayat rules designed to restrict or decrease the population growth in a territory 
    • According to NHFS-5 (2019-20), the total fertility rate is 1.4 (which is far behind the national average of 2.2) 

What can be the effects of these rules:-

  • ‘One island, one resort’ policy has kept pressure on reefs low due to a wide distribution of the tourist population.
  • the business model is about giving coral reefs economic significance
    • rich and healthy reefs are essential for private capital’s
  • tourists will come because of the natural beauty and the sheer amount of marine life in insland
  • regulation is limited to ban on reef fishing and collection of corals, having no certainty to land acquisition that land will be acquitted by government
  • Issue of Groundwater will be lost:-
    • Groundwater occurs as a thin lens floating over the seawater and is tapped by open wells replenished by the monsoon; 
  • new draft legislation seeks preventive detention for ‘anti­social activities’, and covers “cruel person” and “depredator of environment”.

Why “no” to maldives model:-

  • It will damage the socio economic fabric of island society
  • Environmental destruction
  • Grabbing of land by the cement mafias
  • A new plan for Lakshadweep should be based on industry had to be people-centric and enrich the fragile coral ecology.
  • Excessive centralisation

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