Stormy start (GS-3, Disaster management, The Hindu)

Stormy start (GS-3, Disaster management, The Hindu)


Context:- Disaster which is an extreme form of any crisis is going on the western coast of India, where tautake hit.

What is a cyclone

    • A cyclone is any low-pressure area with a high pressure area around it and with winds spiralling inwards.
    • It rotates anti-clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere and rotates clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere.
  • Types of Cyclone:-
      • Tropical cyclone.
      • Extratropical cyclones.
  • Condition of formation:
      • Large sea surface with a temperature higher than 27° C.
      • Presence of the Coriolis force so that cyclones can be formed.
      • Small differences in the vertical wind speed to create speed.
      • A pre-existing weak- low-pressure area or low-level-cyclonic circulation.
      • Upper divergence above the sea level system.
  • Why cyclone formation is so frequent now a days
    • Change in the weather pattern around the globe
    • Climate change
    • Increase in the sea surface temperature.
    • Frequent change in the land use pattern
    • Cause of clogging of drainage crises become a catastrphe.
  • How India tackles the disaster
    • Disaster management act 2005
      • It creates national and state level bodies with chairmen PM and CM
      • it has people participatory approach.
      • it operates on bottom up approach.
      • it tackles, from the beginning and also focus on retrofitting.


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