The Kerala Model at the crossroads (GS-2 social Justice, The HINDU)

The Kerala Model at the crossroads (GS-2 social Justice, The HINDU)

What is Kerala Model:- Based on Human development model and social justice where main focus on quality of human capital rather than infrastructure, mode FDI and production based which is Gujrat Model.

  • Kerala Model’ showed that a country
    • not wait till it becomes rich to bring about improvements in people’s material conditions of living
    • people’s movements can be the driving force of changes.
    •  late 1980s: Kerala’s economic growth picked up.
    • in 1989-90-> Kerala’s per capita income was close to 10% lower than the all-India.
      • Kerala’s education and health indicators continued to improve during this time
      • number of students in public schools began to increase from 2018-19 onwards and we have seen the increased trajectory
    • Kerala Infrastructure Investment Fund Board (KIIFB) for capital funds.
      • funding is being used
        • to build economic infrastructure
        • roads, bridges
        • industrial parks
        • the massive public sector Internet project K-FON.
    • What other states must learn from Kerala.
      • Human development is more important than infrastructure development.
      • find-out the other ways around to fund the infrastructure.

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