UPSC Civil Service Exam Test Series

UPSC Civil Service Exam Test Series

UPSC Civil Service Exam Test Series: IAS Test Series and Online IAS Test Series

Plutus IAS coaching Institute provides a high-quality IAS exam study material with practice question papers and solutions to them. Plutus IAS coaching provides All India IAS test series, Class Test Series, Online Test Series and Free Test Series for UPSC Civil Services Exam preparation.

Once the candidate has gone through relevant textbooks, magazines, newspapers and other source of information for Civil Service Exam preparation then it becomes necessary to test oneself before UPSC tests candidates in the UPSC Civil Services Prelim Exam and Mains Exam.

While aspiring to become a Civil Servant of the country it becomes necessary to assess oneself progress at every level of the exam preparation. When this evaluation is conducted by an expert like Plutus IAS Institute, which has the experience of nurturing talents since 2009 it becomes more objective and effective in its actions.

Plutus IAS Institute conducts All India Prelims and Mains Civil Service Test Series in order to help aspirants in their self-assessment of process. Plutus IAS has designed a two-tier Test Series Program. Firstly, we conduct sectional assessments for both papers of Prelims, Paper I – GSAT and GS II- CSAT.

The reason behind these sectional Mocks Exam for Prelims is to makes aspirants aware of her/ his area of Strengths and Weaknesses. This further helps aspirants to go through the basics again.

Second, we conduct Full-Mock Tests, these Mocks Exam give aspirants a clear picture of their performance in the UPSC exam like condition. As the Mock Exams is an All India IAS Test Series Program, after appearing each of the exam aspirants will come to know about their position among their competitors.

At the end of the All India IAS Test Series Program, aspirants will be able to analyze the graph of their progress.

Our IAS Test Series is designed in such a manner that it covers the whole of the UPSC CSE syllabus based on the dynamics of the UPSC Civil Services Prelim and Mains Exam. And all the questions which are framed by our experts’ faculty on the basis of the changing nature of Prelim and Mains Exams conducted by UPSC.

Nowadays, the Prelim and Mains Exams questions are not directly asked from recent issues or development. Rather, UPSC asks questions on the recent issues which basically demands conceptual clarity.

After the end of each Mock Exam, we provide aspirants with an explanation and analysis of the question paper. After each Mock Exam, we conduct exhaustive discussion classes where aspirants can clarify all their doubts regarding each question even our mentors or faculty discuss different dimensions of each question. This not only clarifies aspirants doubts about those questions but also helps aspirants answering any question in one way or the other way.

We also offer Online IAS Prelim and Mains Test Series, under which both the Delhi-based and outstation aspirants can assess their preparedness. At the end of each Mock Test, aspirants are provided with an explanation of each question and a scorecard.

To our online students and aspirants, we provide a video of discussion class through which their doubts get clarified. Further, if anyone has any queries regarding any question they can mail it to us. We forward the query of the candidate to our experts to get the student’s doubt clarified.

Practice makes a man perfect the phrase each one should know or believe in. Prelim and Mains is all about practice especially the GS Papers. More you give Mock exams more you will be comfortable to complete the Paper in the prescribed time.

The Mock tests just not only evaluate your performance under the examination like condition. But Mock tests also help you get rid of exam phobia and learn to maintain your composure even in the actual UPSC examination.

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