Water, the looming frontier (The Hindu, GS-3)

Water, the looming frontier (The Hindu, GS-3)

Issue: NITI Ayog and WaterAid  have found that over 70% of India’s surface and groundwater is contaminated by human and other waste.

Reason for water issue:-

  • Indiscriminate use of the environment.
  • practice of keeping animals locked together for mass production of meat.
  •  birth mutations in erstwhile dormant viruses.

 source of virus

  • proliferate in wastewater.
  • raw sewage ex- sydney.
  • discharged into water bodies
  • water-transmitted viral pathogens are astrovirus, hepatitis A and norovirus.


  • conserve and use our natural living resources.
  • Saving the extravagance.
  •  aquifers underlying forests can provide healthy mineral water
  • Conserving river floodplains.


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