5G Network In India

5G Network In India

5G Network Service In India

The article talks about how the 5G Network impacts telecommunication, the economy, Network development, Public safety, and other sectors in India which is related to Daily Current Affairs for UPSC. 

About 5G Network:

Fifth Generation network (5G) is a global wireless standard network that is designed to improve network connections by addressing legacy issues of speed, latency, and utility.

It is designed to transmit data almost instantly with a network latency of less than 10ms. The government recently garnered more than $1.5 lakh crores which indicates the soaring interest of telecommunications companies in new technology which is considered a critical enabler of the 4th Industrial revolution.

Significance of the 5G Network in the Development of India

  • Head Start to Economy: It is expected to create a cumulative economic impact of USD 1 trillion in the next 10 years. It will give a huge boost by increased connectivity between machines and various sectors which further increases efficiency.
  • Collaborative Network Development: The 5G network will lead business and technical verticals for network deployment.
  • Capacity Development: Rather than the range of the network, the focus of the 5G network is asserted on capacity and increased range for areas that are not densely populated, especially in rural areas.
  • Machine Interaction: It is the first network to facilitate machine-to-machine communication which will create the foundation base of the Internet of Things (IoT) and be considered an enabler of the 4th Industrial Revolution.
  • Public Safety: A vast network means public works can respond to incidents and emergencies within the span of seconds and improve performance information.
5G Network In India

5G Network In India

Associated Challenges in Adopting 5G Network  

  • Digital Divide: Rather than bridging the digital divide, it might widen the digital gap between urban areas and rural areas are given the affordability and accessibility of the network.
  • High Spectrum Prices: Increased reserve prices of 5G spectrum by governments will lead to a hike in 5G services which in turn makes the network inaccessible and unaffordable for the majority of the masses.
  • Transition Hurdle: Consumers have to upgrade cellular technology in order to experience 5G services thus giving a financial burden.

Way forward:

The government shall give adequate support to telecommunications companies to roll out 5G networks at affordable prices by keeping down the spectrum prices at the lowest price level. Along with


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