National Supercomputing Mission(NSM)

National Supercomputing Mission(NSM)

National Supercomputing Mission- Today Current Affairs

As per the ministry of science and technology annual review under the supercomputer mission 4 new supercomputers have been installed since July 2021 at IIIT Hyderabad,Nabi-Mohali,CDAC- Bengaluru and IIT Kanpur. National supercomputing missions provide access to high performance computing facilities to around 75 instances and more than thousand active research academics working through National and knowledge networks. India has developed an indigenous server (Rudra) which can meet the high performance computing requirements of all governments and PSUs. This is the first time that a service system was made in India along with a full software stack developer by C-DAAC.

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  • It is being implemented and steered jointly by the department of science and technology and Deity.
  • Implemented by the C-DAC Pune and IISC Bengaluru

Focus of the mission: The Hindu Analysis

  • The mission envisages a forming National academic and research and development institution spread over the country by installing a supercomputing grid comprising more than 70 high performance computing facilities.
  • The super computer will also be networked on the national supercomputing grid over the National knowledge network.
  • National Knowledge Computer is another program of the government which connects academic institutions and research and development labs over a high speed network.
  • The mission includes the duet of highly professional HPC, a human resource for meeting challenges of these applications.

 ACHIEVEMENTS : The Hindu Analysis

  • The first supercomputer assembled indigenously called Param Shivay was installed in IIT BHU.
  • Shimla system Param Shakti and Param Brahma was installed at IIT Kharagpur and IISER Pune
  • Equipped with application from domains like weather and climate computational fluid dynamics bio informatic and material science.
  • It is enhancing the research capacities and capabilities.
  • The mission is meeting the increased computational demands of academic researchers, MSMEs, any startup in areas like oil exploration, flood prediction as well as genomics and drug discovery.
  • Memorandum of understanding has been signed with the total of 14 premier institutions of India for establishing supercomputing infrastructure with assembly and manufacturing in India.


  • The NSM envisages setting up a network of 70 high performance computing facilities in the country but skewed funding for the mission during the initial years slows down the overall pace of building supercomputers.
  • Only 16.67% of the total budget of rupees 45000 crore was utilised during the first 4.5 years execution of the mission.
  • India is way behind China, US and other developed countries in terms of maximum number of supercomputers.
  • Lack of research and development in India.
  • Limited manufacturing of electronics used in supercomputing missions.

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 India is fast emerging as a leader in HPC with NSM. The mission aims to  make India one of the world leaders in supercomputing and to enhance India capability in solving the grand challenge problem of National global relevance to attend global competitiveness and ensure self Reliance in the strategic area of supercomputing technology.


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