Significance and implications of Majoritarian politics in Indian democratic system: An Analysis 

Significance and implications of Majoritarian politics in Indian democratic system: An Analysis 

Significance and implications of Majoritarian politics in Indian democratic system – Today Current Affairs

Context : 

India is a country of diversified cultures. Numerous races, ethnic groups, religions, and languages are part of Indian cultures. Among all the religions Hindus are in majority. The democratic system is the number game of majority votes. But In democratic countries, if the minorities are marginalized, it could destruct the objectives of the welfare state 

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India is democratic cutlery as well as a country of diversified culture. Therefore, in front of India, it is a big challenge to implement welfare measures in the country without any discrimination. Majoritarianism is the big flaw of democracy. Generally, political parties prefer to attain power only for all the measures they adopt. 

The polarization of the votes for any political party would be the key to power. Therefore every political party prefers to polarize the votes of the majority only. In this way, the majorization would be imposed in the diversified country and the people of the minority sector can feel inferior and finally segregated and marginalized. Therefore this is the duty of the state to prevent such an atmosphere. In the policy-making process, the minorities should not be ignored 

Case study of the Northeastern State : The Hindu Analysis

The northeastern states are small and have less representation in parliamentary politics. therefore the people of the northeast would always have the feeling of being marginalized. Therefore, the Government should ensure to give maximum representation to those people. 

The erosion of Secularism : The Hindu Analysis

The ruling party ensured that she would get the power again through the support of the majority votes of the Hindus. Therefore, for the power, they may adopt the extremist policy in the favor of Hinduism. However, Such parties would get success in the election but It can destruct the secular nature of the country. Therefore this is the duty of every citizen of India to intact the diversified cultural structure of this country.  The Hindu Analysis

However, our continuation protects the rights of minorities but it should be reflected in the act of the institutions of the government. 

For the last several years, it has been observed that the decision of the honorable courts also was in the favor of the majority. However, these decisions should not be criticized on the parameter of the merits and the fundaments of the constitution but up to a certain extent they dented the faith of the minorities towards government institutions 

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diversity in public institutions is essential to promote stability and integration of the state as an institution of governance since an underlying premise of democracy is power-sharing along multiple axes — religious, linguistic, regional, caste, tribal, etc. The extent to which ethnic or racial minorities are present in legislatures can be viewed as a litmus test for the effectiveness of a country’s democratic system and for redressing ethnic inequalities or addressing discrimination.

For a democratic country, we should protect ourselves from the evil of the polarization of the majority votes. The majorization of democratic countries disintegrated the state. Because polarization on the ground of religion and the caste would be dangerous for the stability of the country. Therefore this should be the duty of every responsible institution and the citizen to protect this country from the veiling practice of majoritization and the religious polarization. the measure should opt for the socially, and politically marginalized people also 


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