6th January : A significant day for revaluation of our achievement in the path of democracy

6th January : A significant day for revaluation of our achievement in the path of democracy

6th January : A significant day for revaluation of our achievement in the path of democracy- Today Current Affairs

Context : 26th January 2022 is celebrated as the 73rd Republic day in the entire India . On this auspicious occasion , various cultural programmes are organized in Delhi as well as other parts of India . We have shown our army strength on this occasion 


Introduction : 26th January is not a day of celebration of Republic day only but also a day of revelation and introspection of the achievements in the path of democracy . After the freedom of India, we adopted the path of democracy through which we could ensure social justice and after the 73 years of the adoption of the constitution how far we achieved our objectives of social justice, equality, fraternity etc, we should reevaluate in this regard . After revaluation of our achievements , if we find any flaws , we should remove those flaws 


Objectives of Democracy : The term democracy is a tool in which the government of the people  is run by the people , for the people . In a diverse country, democracy is beneficial for the majority people only because democracy is the number game and in this way the interest of only majority people would be protected in the democratic state . Therefore Democracy is not only suffice to fulfill its objective of welfare state without some fundamental rights to those people who are deprived or marginalized or those who are minorities (Linguistic or religious  )

  • The welfare of the all irrespective to caste , religion , race , region, language is the prime objective of democracy 
  • To establish social justice 
  • To establish fraternity or brotherhood 
  • To maximize happiness of the people 
  • To establish economic justice 
  • To uplift the socio economic condition of those people who are marginalized
  • To reduce gender gap 

Achievement : The Hindu Analysis

  • When India became independent in 1947, we got the India which has been exploited for more than 200 years . In this situation it was a big challenge how to integrate India and how to develop India. Inclusive development was the big objective and We can proudly say that in this regard we succeeded . After making a united and strong India where the spirit of separatism has now almost ended. 
  • We achieved great and commendable heights in the field of scientific development , in the field of economic development etc. Presently we are the largest democratic country in the world. We are one of the largest economies among all developing countries . 
  • Strategically we are one of the strongest countries in the world. We are atomic power , we have various arms, missiles, fighter planes of modern technology 
  • In Every field , presently we are ready to compete any country in the world. These are our achievement through democratic means 
  • Revaluation 
  • Despite being above achievement still there are many flaws in our democratic institutions , we should reform in those institutions . 
  • After 73rd years of our republic , inclusiveness in the development is still questionable 
  • Communal violence and gender discriminations are the big obstacles in our path of development . 
  • The Naxalite movement and some separatist movements are definitely big challenging tasks which should be tackled in democratic means 



Definitely , we can proudly say we are the largest democracy of the world and we achieved many achievements through mo9veing on the path of democracy . But still the problem of communal rights and recently the provocation of communal riots through hate speeches and vote bank politics through communal means are the big challenges in the path of India democracy . All of us should tackle these typ[e of challenges and definitely these challenges can be tackled through democratic means easily . We should take oath on this auspicious day of 26th January that we will never promote hate speeches and communal violence and we will not encourage any means through which our fraternity or brotherhood is affected.


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Source : The Hindu, Indian Express, Hindustan 

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