A need of Free Qualitative Higher Education in India 

A need of Free Qualitative Higher Education in India 

A need of Free Qualitative Higher Education in India – Today Current Affairs

Context : For the development of any country, health and education are the two important pillars . But in India , higher education could not be accessed up to the marginalized people even after 75 years of India’s freedom . The Government , Alumni and corporate sector can jointly work in the direction of qualitative higher education . 

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Introduction : 

Now, India’s talents are spreading everywhere in the world. World knows this fact, only those countries would lead the world who would have good research works. Therefore our country should also focus on qualitative higher education . simultaneously this qualitative education must be under the approach of the common people . There are many private universities and higher educational institutes but the tuition fees of these institutions are too much high so they deprive all marginalized and poor people from qualitative education . The government institutions are very less in number where the admission procedure is very tough and only rich students who can afford the high fees of coaching institutes for getting admission in these institutes , get admission in these institutes . However the fees of the government institutions are also raised (Like IIT, IIMs, and AIIMS ) 

The private institutions are not open for the social services. These are the business models of the big industrialist. They earn from these educational institutes. However , In America , one of the medical institutions announced in the last days to bear all the tuition fees of the students . However , American people are capable of paying the fees. Such types of initiatives are required in our countries also 

In India the burden of tuition fees in professional courses is too high and it is very difficult to bear by the middle class and lower middle class family (If we leave the marginalized people ). Therefore , some private institutes reduce their quality of education to reduce the fees of the students . This is another issue . The government of India should look after in this regard. The Hindu Analysis

However the government claims that the provision of the eduction loan is there after the  government collateral guarantee but this is not the solution . After completion of the education , for half of the life students had to repay the loan .What we need is a university system that fosters an environment of learning in which world-quality education can be provided without taxing learners with the burden of tuition fees.

The Nordic model : The Hindu Analysis

There are several Nordic countries who provide qualitative higher education with low fees or free of the tuition fees not only to the students of their own countries but also the overseas students .( The Nordic countries are a geographical and cultural region in Northern Europe and the North Atlantic. It includes the sovereign states of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden; the autonomous territories of the Faroe Islands and Greenland) In Denmark, however, tuition fees were introduced for international students from outside the European Union and the European Economic Area, in 2006. Sweden followed suit in 2011. Only Finland, Norway, Iceland, and Germany do not charge international students tuition fees.. This is a very surprising thing and We are not able to provide qualitative higher education to our own students . Nowadays the Nordic model should be adopted by the government of India also. 

However , many of the citizens of these countries are pressuring their government not to waive off the tuition fees for the overseas students , but the government argued that these foreigner students are the sources of the forex also. This is the reason that these countries remained on top of the  world happiness index (Finland at No.1, Denmark at No. 2, Iceland at No.4, Norway at No.8 and Germany at No.14, as per the World Happiness Index 2022).

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Education is a sacred service of the nation . our industrialists should come forward in this regard. They should invest their money for the service of education . They should open their institutes of technical and professional courses without any tuition fees and the students after graduating from these institutes should be bound to work for these institutes (Such type of the contract should be made). In this way our capitalist class will come forward to invest in higher education also. 

Government of India and the state government should also invest maximum possible money in the qualitative educational institutes because this would be the investment which would give the return in future and the country would be strong because of such investment.


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