A need to learn lessons from turmoil of Sri Lanka

A need to learn lessons from turmoil of Sri Lanka

A need to learn lessons from turmoil of Sri Lanka – Today Current Affairs

Context : Nowadays Sri Lanka is going through a huge turmoil . Being our neighbor, definitely , it would impact us . We should analyze the reasons behind such turmoil of the Sri Lanka and learn some lesions from it 

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Introduction :

  •  The crisis of Sri Lanka has not suddenly erupted. The seeds of the crises in Sri Lanka had been shown in 2016 when Sri Lanka took a huge loan from China . In 2016, India opted for a different foreign policy and it was an aggressive foreign policy that New Delhi would use all its levers to prevail over any uncooperative South Asian neighbor. But this time , India has opted the foreign policy contrast to previous one . The first difference is that New Delhi has not been held responsible in any of its neighboring capitals for attempting to interfere in their political processes. Second, South Block has abandoned its uniformly muscular “one size fits all” approach to the region. The Hindu Analysis
  • This government continued its tie with Myanmar however there is a military government . Myanmar is a more significant neighbor so we need the cooperation of Myanmar against China and in Afghanistan it severed ties with the Taliban . In the affairs of Nepal and Sri Lanka , India has been largely supportive of the processes of Changing (In Nepal where Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba came to power after the dismissing of  K.P. Oli by Supreme court while in Sri Lanka, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa had to appoint Opposition leader Ranil Wickremesinghe as the new Prime Minister after public protest). Idea is ignorant towards the political changes in Pakistan 

The lesson which we learnt from our neighbor : The Hindu Analysis

  • We learned that , unnecessary, we should not intervene in influencing the internal police of any country. For us, all the leaders of neighboring countries are equal. Another lesson we learnt was that we should focus on the public of any country rather than the leaders of the country. However we have not any relationship with the Taliban government but still we sent 50,000 MT of wheat meant for the Afghan  through  the negotiation and the support of Pakistani officials . In Sri Lanka, we are helping the people of Sri Lanka irrespective of the leadership of Sri Lanka . Another lesson which we learnt is that we should not give any statement related to the internal affairs of the foreign countries . 
  • However another lesson which we must learn , that the position of neutrality in foreign affairs would not be long lasting . Indians would not be untouched from any type of changing geopolitical situation of the pacific sea. India should not be silent for long on the the Russian aggression on Ukraine and the Chinese aggression on Hong Kong.  The Hindu Analysis
  • The important lesson which should be learnt by us that populism does not pay in the long run. Though extreme nationalism religious majoritarianism, and a strident anti-elitism majority was gotten by Rajpakshe in Sri Lanka but Now same people who supported Rajpakshe , are protesting against them. So we should not ignore the real issue under the shadow of patriotism and the populism 
  • This should also be leant that the popularity of a leader can decline sharply and suddenly for one or a combination of reasons . We can take the example in this regard the KP Oli , ex pm of Nepal and Rajapaksa-led Sri Lanka People’s Party (SLPP) as well as Imrran Khan of Pakistan  who won with huge majority because of the issue of the curtains corruption but could not do so , All those PMs of their respective countries are removed after huge protest of the public . Therefore , Winning with a huge majority does not mean that the popularity would be long lasting. The crisis erupted in these countries because of inexperienced and inefficient leadership of those countries . At international level these leaders could not do better for their own countries.  The Hindu Analysis
  • The economic matter is the important factor in this regard.  We should learn many lesions from the decline of these leaders. During their regime , the economy of their countries collapsed , people were facing the problem of price hike, inflation, lack of essential commodities and just because of the economical crisis ,the polar leaders of these countries (Sri Lanka., Nepal, and Pakistan) declined. We should learn from their decline .
  •  Economical factors play an important role in the popularity of any leader . Public can not tolerate the economic crises for long time .New Delhi must not only study the causes of the economic mismanagement that brought change in the neighborhood but must also survey the impact of new vulnerabilities on smaller neighboring countries that could be exploited by global powers as they seek a more direct influence in the region. Given the common challenges the region faces, New Delhi must find newer ways to energize regional groupings such as the Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC) and the Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal (BBIN) Initiative, and even to reconsider SAARC, in order to discuss shared approaches to reviving tourism and exports, supporting South Asian expatriate labor abroad, and building common pools of food and fuel stocks to soften inflationary blows on the South Asian economy.

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As per the above discussion , it can be summarized that we should learn many lessons from the changing situation and the crises in our neighboring countries . We must learn from the lessons in political culture that let down the “alpha leaders” in neighboring democracies. One of the common threads in each of the governments (Rajapaksa, Oli and Khan) was an abhorrence for consensus building. These leaders turned the opposition as their enemy . They were ready to listen to any suggestion from their opponents. The opponents’ voices were suppressed . They brought the media in their favor . but through such false shadows the reality of the countries could not be hidden for a long time . Now when the economies of these countries have been almost ruined then , a new government came into power. Therefore, Indian government should also focus on the declining economy and should opt the measures how to tackle economic challenges of 2022.


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