A Picture Postcard : A new Form of Art (GS Paper 1 Art and Culture )

A Picture Postcard : A new Form of Art (GS Paper 1 Art and Culture )


A new series of picture postcard of Tarun bhartiya has been released now day reflecting the picture of the conversion of the khasi people , a tribe of the Meghalaya 

History of the Postcard

  • History of the postcard goes back to late 18th century in europe 

  • During 19the century we saw various types of  innovations: The global postal system. Among those innovations was the introduction of uniform penny postage stamps in Great Britain. People generally started to use this post card for sending the informations

  • After the invention of the printing press people send the postcards of different pictures showing their interests 

  • Stamp also changed with the change of time . These stamps also reflects the nature of the administration as well as the society 

  • In 1837, when the fees charges for the letter become based on its weight , people used postcard drastically 

  •  D. William Mulready, E.R.W. Hume, Dickey Doyle, and James Valentine were the the men who produced decorative envelopes

  • Various types of pictures like patriotic, romantics were depicted on postcard 

  • In the world, Austria was the first country which developed postcard 

  • Gradually other countries of Europe and the world started portal services and postcards . 

  •  In 1875 ,the General Postal Union was  established in Switzerland through the representatives of 22 countries 

  • When Photography was not invented lithograph print, woodcuts and broadsides and other types of art work were done .

  • With the invention of Printing press we see printed postal cards on which various type of pictures were printed 

About tarun Bhartiya 

  • Tarun bhartiya is a famous film maker . Dring lockdown he had attained the public from his documentary From Shillong to Bihar

  • Baseides , other documentaries like  ‘Brief Life of Insects’ and ‘The Last Train in Nepal’ are milestone in his career

  • Apart from film making, he is a good , poet and artist also 

  • He is shillong based political activist, poet and a artist 

  • Bhartiya’s set of 100 postcards from the Khasi Hills of Meghalaya Khasi Hills of Meghalaya show an uncomfortable story of conversion that unfolds across continents, communities and centuries. 

  • In fact, For the last several years many people of Khasi tribes had converted to Christianity for several reasons . He tried to understand the reasons behind such conversions. He presented this conversion of the Khasi people through Picture Post card and presented this art in BayArt Gallery Cardiff, Wales, as part of Diffusion 2021, Welsh International Festival of Photography.

  • It is expected to see his presentation in India in the coming art festival held in chennai  (chennai Photo Biennale)  It will soon be presented in India as part of the Chennai Photo Biennale.

  • At first glance, Bhartiya’s photographs of cloud dotted hilltops, church steeples, local people ceremonies and rituals will be presented here in the form of post card photography 

The postcard has had a revival of late, particularly by those who are trying to resuscitate the dying mail system to convey art and poetry, with its appeal in evoking a time gone by. “The picture postcard is something people buy and forget quickly; it’s old and quaint but here, you are suddenly confronted by the contemporary,

Plutus IAS daily current affairs 18 Oct 2021

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