A recognised work of Naga artist Temsüyanger Longkumer

A recognised work of Naga artist Temsüyanger Longkumer

Context :

Recently London based Naga artist Temsüyanger Longkumer 

Participated in an international webinar hosted by Sao Chang College (SCC), Tuensang . This online seminar was organised by the department of history and the department of English. Temsuyanger Longkümer participated in this seminar as a resource person 

About Naga artist Temsüyanger Longkumer 

  • He is a London based artist from northeast India who was born in Nagaland 
  •  His main theme of the work is related to  the concepts of history, memory, spirituality and ecology in relation to his Naga roots. 
  • In his work we the connection between culture and nature courses 
  • In his work the decline of sensuality towards the environment and the lack of spiritual connection to nature today could be observed 
  • In his   terracotta sculptures we find a series on Parallel Communes
  •  Here, the artist conceives the human body as a microcosm of events in the universe by creating earthenware that takes an abstract shape, evoking human organs, flora or fauna.
  • The most beautiful and recognised  work of Longkumer is  Gods Summit.  In this work an imaginary concept of the council of God has been described . Here, a selection of images are distinguished by the numerous forms and tongues in which they have been conceived of, and imagined, over the course of civilisational history.
  • The objective of his work is to present various philosophical views by showing  different philosophical positions of these gods 
  • The work of Longkumer generally reflects socio-cultural issues  related to his  ethnic societies, and the correlation between communities in the microbial world and our own. 
  • Through his work he showed military rule in his regions of Nagaland . In fact he wanted to explain to his viewers glimpses of military occupation of the region.
  • In his artwork growing global capitalism and  political upheaval could also be seen 
  • Through his art The connection between culture and nature can also been easily observed 
  • His important works are Gods Summit, Catch a Rainbow II, and Aye, Aye My Suntanned Lullaby 
  • His main concern was to show the pathetic conditions of Nagaland under the Military rule/ASPA . 
  • Since he had to face amny social economic problems in his early life therefore , in his work these social issues could also been observed in his work
  • This artist is now residing in London. Now he has left India . perhaps because of fear of the government he had to leave India 

Artisans should also take the responsibilities of raising the issue related to socio economic descriminations. The works of our Artisan would definitely be influenceable for the public and by raising these socio economic issues the  government would also take appropriate action. For the development of the nation , there should be a minimum gap in the society . The work of the artisans like Temsüyanger Longkumer are appreciable . Besides many poets and other artists , they are also raising socio economic issues . through sculptures, painting, music and architecture , the raising socio economic issue is more influenceable manner to spread the matter among the people not only inside the country but also outside of the country also.

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