Agnipath scheme of  Indian Army : A Critical analysis

Agnipath scheme of  Indian Army : A Critical analysis

Agnipath scheme of Indian Army : A Critical analysis – Today Current Affairs

Context : Rajnath Singh, the defence Minister of Government of India announced the ‘Agnipath’ scheme for recruitment of youth in various armed forces on temporary bases (For four years ). This scheme was announced by 14th of June 2022

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The ‘Agnipath’ is launched by the Ministry of defense , Government of India . As per this scheme the youths of India would be recruited in Indian armed forces for 4 years . Very soon , the Indian government will announce the process of the recruitment . Only soldiers will be recruited through this schemes in all three services of the defense 

Benefits / Significance of this scheme : The Hindu Analysis

As the Government described , the scheme would be beneficial for the youth as well as for the Indian economy . The benefits and the Significance of this scheme can be analyzed as followings 

  • The youth can get employment during their study . During their training in the armed forces , they would be given some credits also and as per the New education Policy , they would be eligible for higher education also . After the fours years these you can pursue their higher study. The Hindu Analysis
  • Their experience in the armed forces would be counted in every service of the government of India or state governments . they would be given preferences in the services of state police, para military forces etc 
  • During their employment , they would get a handsome salary (4.76 lakh in the first year to ₹6.92 lakh in the fourth year, apart from risk and hardship and other allowances as applicable.) and the life insurance . at the time of retirement , they would get Min 12 Lakh Rs and if any of them martyr , government would give 1 crore Rs as compensation.  The Hindu Analysis
  • The rate of unemployment would be reduced and the GDP of the country and per capita income will increase after this scheme 
  • 25 % of Agniveers  would be adjusted for the regular service 

Drawbacks of this scheme : The Hindu Analysis

Apart from these benefits some people raise some issues related to its drawback. The main opponent political party Congress also raised some issues in this regard. Congress said that  Agnipath scheme for recruitment of soldiers into the Army, Navy and the Air Force, largely on a short-term contractual basis, alleging the decision could ‘compromise’ the efficiency and operational capability of the three Services.Congress also expressed their concern about the future of the youth.

Apart from the criticism of the opponent political party , there are some issues related to the drawback of this scheme which should be tackled or addressed by the concerned authority . These concerns are 

  1. Since this recruitment is short term recruitment , so the efficiency and loyalty of the soldiers may be affected 
  2. After the expulsion from the armed forces , if these youth could not get job in any of the sector (Private , government , or in any business), they may be frustrated and their accumulated discontent may create the problem for law and order because , these discontented youth have been trained (army) and for the state police , their discontent would not be tackled easily . So government should make sure fort , that every Agnivir after the retirement should be adjusted in any of the services (Government/ Private or business)
  3. This practice may encourage the system of the contract recruitment in army in future which would be dangerous for the country 

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As per the above discussion , it can be concluded that the Agnipath scheme is a revolutionary scheme through which ,On  one side, the  government will enhance the power of armed forces and on other side , it would provide the education to youth with fixed earning (Earning while learning ) . However there are some grievances raised by some experts and the politicians, which should also be addressed by the government . 


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Source : The Hindu 
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Plutus IAS Daily Current Affairs Eng Med 15th June

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