Artist Pradipta Chakraborty : A Great painter of Bengal  (GS Paper I : Art and Culture )

Artist Pradipta Chakraborty : A Great painter of Bengal  (GS Paper I : Art and Culture )

Context : Artist Pradiptaa Chakraborty of Bengal is now doing his excellent work on painting , Nowadays his legendary work on romantic painting is everywhere being appreciated . His paintings are shown in an exhibition entitled “Ae Mohabbat”  in Delhi 

About Artist Pradiptaa Chakraborty 

  • Pradipta Chaudhari is based on Bengal and he was born in 1979 in Malda Town of Bengal 

  • He did his graduation from renowned university Shankineketal, where he learned the basics of miniature art and painting 

  • He got merit scholarship form kala bhavan also because of his extraordinary work on art 

  • His works are exhibited throughout the world 

Works of Pradipta Chakraborty

  • He painted romantic miniature of traditional tales 

  • From Heer-Ranjha to Mirza-Sahiba and Parineeta, the romantic scene of the stories are painted by Chakrborty 

  • His  work of art brings together the fabric of socio-cultural customs and visits both the past and the present

  • Melancholy Kiss of Heer Ranjha expresses an intimate moment between the lovers with metaphorical references — from a hoofed human (deer symbol of freedom in Buddhism) and a lion (symbol of pride)

  • His painting on Parineeta, a great novel of Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay’ is also appreciated. In this painting he includes the golden deer Maricha from the Ramayana in the depiction.

  •  In the story of Parneeta it has been shown that Parneeta gives of herself for her home and family. She is a complete women of India . In real , through this painting, Chakraborty  gave life to this painting 

  • Mesmerized self identity of Universal lover, mahabharata tremendous rajneeti Cahmeli , Eco Friendly Friendship, The dark Lover, Signature Posture of Love Renaissance , The adulterous dilemma in eyes , The Visual assault 1 are the most significant works of Chakraborty 

His Shows on International Level 

He exhibited his work in various international Shows also. Some of them are given below  

  • An Exchange Exhibition with SAGA ART COLLEGE, JAPAN 2002

  •  National Art School, Sydney, AUSTRALIA 2002.

  • National Art School, Sydney, AUSTRALIA 2002.

  • Three way exchange exhibition with Comferwell College of Arts, LONDON. 2002.

  • “Behind the canvas”, group show in Dubai, 2013. 

  • Art in the air”, group show in Dubai, 2015. 

  • Dubai art fair 2017 and Singapore art fair 2017. “

 General features of Painting Of Pradipta Chakraborty : 

  • He used large canvas for painting

  • His themes of the painting is romance, manly based on traditional tale or any folk or any popular novel 

  • Adultery is another significant feature of Chakrabarty. In some of his painting we see the elements of sensuality are also reflected 

  • In the painting of Adultery Dilema in eyes, We observer more sensuality as women is kissing on lips of man 

The Painting tradition has been popular in India for a long time. The history of this art work goes back to the paleolithic period (50000 BC) and there have been various legendary artists of painting in India . Bengal has been the land of artist which has given the artist like Ravindra Nath Tagore, Avnindra Nath Tagore etc . Chakrborty also comes from that  land of art . In modern days, Chakraborty is also one of the great artist who is internationally recognised and whose works are paused globally . Definitely these artiste not only carrying forward the traditional art of India but also flourship Indian painting  worldwide 

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