Biodiversity : The Fundamental of Indian culture

Biodiversity : The Fundamental of Indian culture

Biodiversity : The Fundamental of Indian culture – Today Current Affairs

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 India celebrated 22nd May as International Day of Biodiversity. On this occasion , we again took the oath to protect biodiversity . We decided to protect biodiversity as an integral part of our culture for a long time . We repeated our commitment to nurture and protect all the many forms of life with which we share our planet.

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  • For Indian culture, the diversity is not new . For thousands of years biodiversity has been an integral part of our culture . The accommodation of various cultures and various plants, trees, animals , and creatures has been the fundamental characteristic of Indian culture for a long time . This is the reason for richness in biodiversity as well as cultural diversity in India . For Indian context  the words ‘diversity’ and ‘India’ have become synonymous. Our ethnic, cultural, and linguistic diversity has been greatly influenced by the unique features of our land, climate and geography, as well as the forces of migration and evolution. All these forces have been enriching the biodiversity of India (Through the species of plants, animals, and other organisms. ).  The Hindu Analysis
  • As human beings , we are also an integral part of such biodiversity . Our life is integrally dependent on such biodiversity . As the biodiversity would decline, it would inversely impact our own life. This biodiversity provides a unique cultural shape and specific customs, rituals, ceremonies , food habits , clothing habits, all are dependent on biodiversity. . For the last several decades it has been observed that , because of climate change and global warming, biodiversity is continuously declining. One side, in northern India , excess heat became the reason for the loss in biodiversity while another side flooded the biodiversity in northeast India (Assam and Meghalaya). 
  • However there are several solutions to protect biodiversity, but the nature based solution is the most appropriate solution. In this way , we could enrich biodiversity . 


Nature based solution : The Hindu Analysis

Today , climate change is the big challenge to protect biodiversity. This climate change should be tackled through maximum forestation. This maximum forestation would protect the land from degradation . Once the land is protected from degradation , the life of the plants of various species would be protected easily . As per the Paris accord , it is the commitment of us to protect the land from degradation also . All the countries of the world have committed in Paris and in Glasgow to reduce climate change through rejuvenation of our soils and agriculture, elimination of hunger, and improvement of nutrition depending upon our prudent use of biodiversity in the prevailing agricultural systems. Fostering the return of biodiversity to degraded lands and enhancing blue carbon in oceans have immense environmental and considerable economic benefits. Definitely , once the land degradation would be reduced , it will create the thousands of the jobs in the agricultural field and in this way the problem of the hunger would be also tackled 

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  • As per the above discussion it can be said that biodiversity is not essential only for the environment  perspective and for sustainable development but also it is significant for economic benefits of the contemporary period . Environment is closely related to our culture, to our economy , to our survival. Hence the protection of the diversity , on side will enrich the endogenous characteristic of Indian culture on other side through it many other contemporary issues of economy would be tackled
  • To conserve biodiversity , we should be aware of biodiversity science. Government has launched  National Mission on Biodiversity and Human Well-Being conceived and planned by the Biodiversity Collaborative pulling together public and private institutions. This mission is associated with the various sectors of f agriculture, health, bioeconomic, ecosystem services, and climate change mitigation and hence definitely this initiative of the government will enrich the biodiversity and the cultural diversity both as well as it will brimming the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals closer to achieve .

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